How do I Choose the Best PVC Jump Rope?

Micki Elizabeth

The first key to finding the right polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jump rope is to find the right length, or to adjust a long jump rope to the correct length. When you stand on the center of the rope, the tips of the handles should come exactly to your armpits. If possible, choose a jump rope that allows you to adjust the length of the rope. Be sure to note whether the PVC jump rope allows for adjustment as needed, or if it allows for only a one-time adjustment. If adjustment is not an option, find a rope that fits you as closely as possible. You can start with a rope that is too long and tie knots in the rope to shorten the length; however, this may increase tangling in the rope as you jump. Adjustable lengths typically are the best choice.

Longer jump ropes can be shortened by wrapping each end around the palms a few times.
Longer jump ropes can be shortened by wrapping each end around the palms a few times.

The handles are an important consideration when choosing a PVC jump rope as well. Typically, a PVC jump rope offers contoured, ergonomic grip handles to fit your hand comfortably and provide greater leverage through your thumbs to produce the actual swinging motion and control of the rope. Some handles are smooth plastic while others are foam padded; choose the best option for your comfort, keeping the possibility of blisters in mind. A handle that has steel ball bearings inside can produce a smoother movement and increase comfort and control.

Some PVC jump ropes come with warranties.
Some PVC jump ropes come with warranties.

The rope itself may wear with time and use, especially when used on rough ground such as concrete. A rope that uses PVC wrapped around a cotton core may maximize durability and help prevent stretching. Some PVC jump ropes also come with warranties that will allow you to return the product for a full refund should the rope wear and tear extensively in a short period of time. It is also recommended that you take into account the return policy of a jump rope before you purchase it; if you find that the length of the rope or the grip of the handle are not what you expected, you’ll want to return the product and be able to try out a different jump rope.

Reading reviews and comments on reputable websites may help you choose which PVC jump rope will work best for you. Some aspects to look for are customers’ overall happiness with the jump rope, whether the product delivered was similar to the product the manufacturer described, and how well the various features worked. For example, the ease of adjustment is a key issue with PVC jump ropes, as taking the handles apart and cutting and tying off the rope may be more difficult than described by the manufacturer. Reading product reviews and customer comments can give you a general idea of what you can expect from your jump rope and will help guide you in making your choice.

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