How Do I Choose the Best Promotional Footballs? (with picture)

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Promotional footballs may be used as a fundraiser for junior leagues.
Promotional footballs may be used as a fundraiser for junior leagues.

Buyers for businesses, or others who want to choose the best promotional football designs, can evaluate how each available option will show off a company brand, appeal to gift recipients such as workers or trade show visitors, or otherwise serve the goals of an enterprise. Promotional footballs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. It can take some careful thought to pick the best designs and styles for these promotional items.

One big consideration for a promotional football is to make sure that the finished product displays your branding effectively. Part of this is selecting the right logo, company name or other identifying information that will make the right associations and fit onto the available visible space. Buyers who choose logos or branding that is too large can risk having some of it be less accessible to the recipients.

Some of the best designs for a promotional football involve high-contrast colors. Primary colors set against white are popular for branding or promotional football gift items like inflated footballs. It’s also productive to consider using the local team colors, which can add appeal for a local fan community.

Another useful principle for promotional footballs involves timing. Buyers can think about what big games are coming up, and how this might influence the design. A promotional football that is geared toward an annual superbowl or other memorable game can have more mass appeal than one that is team-generic or not closely associated with a big event.

It’s also important for buyers of promotional footballs to consider quality in materials. For inflatable designs, this means making sure than inflated balls will stay inflated over time. For others, quality foam designs are popular, but be sure to ask whether material will flake or crack over time.

When it’s time to pick the best promotional football for a trade show, employee recognition event, or other purpose, buyers can also think about how recipients will really use their items. Promotional footballs don’t have to be solely a visual, promotional item. Some can have actual household uses. One example is a small keychain football. Other custom designs may otherwise accommodate common or routine tasks.

Overall, getting the best promotional football means seeing the item from the recipient’s perspective. Buyers who put thought into the process usually end up with results that more people hold onto for years. This means more effective outreach where a company or business wants to use promotional footballs for branding.

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    • Promotional footballs may be used as a fundraiser for junior leagues.
      Promotional footballs may be used as a fundraiser for junior leagues.