How Do I Choose the Best Promotional Caps?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best promotional caps is important because these items give customers, employees, and others affiliated with a business a chance to provide free advertising for the company or show support. Things to consider when choosing these promotional items include the comfort of the hat, the basic size, and the design used. Different companies may find that certain groups are more likely to wear some items than others, and having insight into the group the cap is for is helpful. The most important part of choosing the best promotional caps is making sure that the item will fill its intended purpose as advertising by actually being worn.

A business can sponsor a Little League team with promotional baseball hats.
A business can sponsor a Little League team with promotional baseball hats.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing promotional caps is the style of hat that will be used. Most companies choose to use baseball caps, as these are easily embroidered with a logo, relatively cheap, and fairly popular among many groups of customers. It may, however, make more sense to use a different cap design in some cases. Many groups like knit hats more than baseball caps, and some may even be more likely to wear a cowboy hat for a specific event. For this reason, thinking about whom the promotional caps are for is essential.

Fit is important for promotional caps because, if the hat does not fit correctly, very few people will wear it. Caps are often designed to be adjustable to avoid this problem. Comfort is usually a matter of material for hats, but many people are less picky about the construction of these items because they tend to get more comfortable over time. A hat that lasts a long time is a great investment, but for promotional purposes, a cheaper option may make more sense.

When thinking about the design of promotional caps, the base color on which the final embroidered or printed design is placed is very important. The color on which the logo is placed should relate to the company in some way, or it should maximize the number of items with which the hat will match. If employee uniforms are a certain color, for example, it may be a good idea to make hats that match that shade. Black is usually a good option for general matching, but this color can get very hot and dissuade people from wearing the hat.

Usually, the design used on promotional caps is as simple as the company or product logo, but certain variations can make this design more appealing. Special event logos, for example, make it clear that a person was involved with the company at a particular time and may represent a fond memory. Generally speaking, having a logo that is attractive enough to be displayed on a hat is essential for most companies. The logo should be a representation of the company and be something customers and employees would be proud to wear.

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