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What Are the Different Types of Promotional Calendars?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Some types of promotional calendars are coupon calendars, business awareness calendars, and swimsuit calendars. Coupon calendars encourage customers to visit again by giving them discounts. Business awareness calendars are similar, but are often given away instead of sold and meant for customers of reoccurring, monthly services. Swimsuit calendars are filled with pictures of people from a certain business or organization and aim to earn money, spread awareness, or both. The vast majority of these calendars are available in two different types: desk and wall.

Coupon calendars are among the most popular type of promotional calendars and, if not sold by the company, they are usually given away with a purchase. While promotional items are often simply given away with no strings attached, coupon calendars tend to give deep discounts on products, and customers are willing to purchase them. A coupon calendar typically has at least one coupon on each page, which increases the likelihood of the customer returning. These coupons are sometimes dated ahead and cannot be used until the corresponding month. The images on professional calendars such as these are usually related to the company’s logo or mascot.

Calendars may be given out by businesses as a promotional item.
Calendars may be given out by businesses as a promotional item.

Business awareness calendars are given to customers to remind them of future service appointments, upcoming business events, and other things related to the customers’ continued loyalty. For example, a car dealer might snail mail buyers a photo calendar of their new purchase. Coupon calendars are essentially business awareness calendars, but not all business awareness calendars are coupon calendars. In many cases, business awareness calendars are given away to remind customers of a service not frequently thought about but paid each month, like insurance.

Swimsuit calendars are a type of promotional calendar that features people from a certain organization in swimsuits. These types of promotional calendars typically have a couple of goals: earning money and spreading awareness. People from many different types of organizations pose for promotional swimsuit calendars. Some lawyers, volunteer firefighters and dedicated charity members all pose for swimsuit calendars at times. Depending on the company the calendar is promoting, it might feature photographs of people in other garments than swimsuits.

In general, promotional calendars are either placed on a desk or wall. calendars meant to be hung on the wall are usually wider and taller than a desk calendar. Desk calendars usually resemble notebooks, with some being designed to stand up rather than lay flat. Wall calendars are especially popular and more often used promotional business items.

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    • Calendars may be given out by businesses as a promotional item.
      By: sumire8
      Calendars may be given out by businesses as a promotional item.