How do I Choose the Best Prefab Cabin?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
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A prefab cabin is made up of pieces that are created in a factory and then transported to the buyer's selected site to be put together. Due to the popularity of the simple modular building method, the construction cost of prefab log homes has decreased in recent years. It is typically cheaper to have the pieces of a prefabricated cabin shipped to the site, especially since the buyer already knows the exact price of each piece so there are no hidden costs. When buying a prefab cabin, one of the most important elements you'll need to take into account is where you plan to build it.

Selecting the right company involves looking for one near the proposed prefab cabin site. If there are no companies that sell prefab kits nearby, however, keep in mind that many will ship the materials across state lines for an additional cost. Finding one closest to the desired site will help keep down the costs of putting together a prefab cabin.

Many of the newer prefab log homes available are environmentally-friendly, or green. Such homes focus on leaving as tiny a footprint on the planet as possible, which often means they are quite small. Some prefab homes do come with several rooms for those who want more space, however.

Other features one might find in an eco-friendly prefab cabin are sinks and countertops made out of only recycled materials. Cabinets and wood floors made from nontoxic bamboo or cork are also popular in prefab homes that are considered green. Additionally, extra insulation and caulking can reduce leakage of air from the cabin, which also saves energy if the air inside is cooled or heated.

Another consideration to make before the process begins is regarding the floor plan. Many prefab log homes are small, possibly with only one room or perhaps one separate bedroom. Most builders are willing to work with buyers to select or modify a floor plan that works for them, however. This typically just involves adding on bedrooms until the cabin is large enough to suit the buyer.

The new owner of the prefab cabin simply has to purchase the land and put the kit together once it arrives on the site. This can typically be achieved with a few people, as instructions are provided. You may choose to hire a contractor to put together the modules, however.

It is also the responsibility of the owner to have foundation laid on the site of the new cabin, though many manufacturers of prefab kits provide general advice and phone numbers to recommended contractors who can help. In fact, the best companies will work with the customer throughout the process. Obtaining the prefect prefab cabin starts with selecting the right seller.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower