How Do I Choose the Best Pillbox Hat with Veil?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross
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So inspiring that Bob Dylan wrote a song about them, pillbox hats have been an item of fashion since the 1930s, although their popularity seems to come in waves. Worn in a variety of styles and colors on the front, side, or back of the head, you can purchase a pillbox hat with veil and wear it for many occasions. From the demure to the vixen, a pillbox hat with veil can make you all kinds of classy.

One of the first choices to make in choosing the best pillbox hat with veil is to decide if you want to go vintage or reproduction. Vintage designs, which are the original hats from the 1930s to the 1960s, are a good choice if you want a hat that is unique and authentic. These hats come in a range of prices, from expensive items in vintage boutiques to steals from your local thrift store. It may be more difficult, however, to find a vintage hat that is in a style, color, and fabric that you like. Vintage reproduction can, therefore, be an easier choice, as they come in every style, color, and type of fabric you could want, and you are more likely to find one you like if you have specific tastes.

Next, you will need to choose what style you would like. A pillbox hat with veil can be worn for a variety of events and occasions, and the formality of the hat can be changed with the color, fabric, and length of veil. For more casual events, such as nights out on the town, parties, or a romantic dinner, feel free to choose any pattern you like, from solid to animal print. Color and style is also an open choice — just make sure your hat goes with your outfit. With casual affairs, a shorter veil is key, keeping the look sophisticated yet flirty.

For more formal affairs, such as weddings and dinners at the White House, you should generally avoid patterns. Stick to solid colors that coordinate with your outfit. Longer veils are also more formal, especially if you are the bride. Caution must be taken, however, with a longer veil as some can make you look like a widow at a funeral. Also, keep to classic fabrics such as velvet or felt. Save the faux fur for the after party.

Try a pillbox hat with veil on before you buy it because, although they suit most face types, like most hats, they come in different sizes. Veils can come attached at the side, back, or front, so try on different styles to see which you like the best. Stick with medium-fine to coarser netting to make the hat more edgy and stylish. It is also important to try the hat on with the hairstyle that you intend to wear to make sure of fit and that you will be able to keep the hat pinned to your head. The last thing you want during your inaugural speech is for your hat to fall off.

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I think pillbox hats are so charming, with or without veils. Much more attractive than the currently popular "fascinator" seen on the heads of princesses everywhere.

A pillbox hat just seems to pull a lovely outfit together. They are so cute, and if I'm not mistaken, some pattern companies are actually selling pillbox hat patterns these days so people can try them at home.


The other thing to consider when looking a pillbox hats with veils, is the length of the veil. Do you want it to cover your eyes? Just to your eyebrows? Only your forehead? Or do you just want a little veiling around the band of the hat? This is pretty much personal preference.

The height of the pillbox is also something to consider. Pillboxes can have a tall or flat crown. My mother wore both. Flat crown pillboxes are usually better suited for veils that cover the face or eyes, while taller pillboxes may have veiling only around the band, which produces kind of a cloud effect.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing