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How do I Choose the Best Petite Maternity Clothes?

J.M. Densing
J.M. Densing

For women who are not tall, finding petite maternity clothes can be challenging, especially if they are also thin. When selecting maternity clothes, choose items that are similar to garments you already wear, and apply style tips that have worked in the past. Fit is very important since many maternity styles can overpower a petite figure, and you should select comfortable fabrics that don't have a lot of bulk. Quite a few manufacturers make petite maternity clothes, and they can be purchased online or in retail shops. A tip is to try items on in person because sizing can vary; once you have a good grasp of what sizes to purchase, you can shop online if you wish.

Women who are significantly shorter than the average height, usually under 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m), are considered petite regardless of weight. This only applies to a small percentage of the population; as a result, finding petite maternity clothes can be challenging because they are not as widely available as standard sizes. You can usually wear many of your regular garments for the first few months of pregnancy with the exception of items that are tight around the waist. Eventually, by about the fifth month, you will need to buy some maternity clothing. It's important to select clothes that you feel and look good in while remaining comfortable and to only buy what you need since the items will not be worn for very long.

Maternity clothing is designed to accommodate a growing belly.
Maternity clothing is designed to accommodate a growing belly.

When you are choosing petite maternity clothes, purchase well fitting basics that you can mix and match as well as a few pretty or trendy pieces to add interest. You should buy items in similar styles to favorite clothes you already own, so you feel confident wearing them. Utilize style tips that have worked for you in the past. Some common tips for dressing a petite figure include avoiding large, loud prints and oversized bags as well as creating a monochromatic look by wearing pieces in differing shades of the same color.

Remember that fit is important when selecting petite maternity clothes; clothing that is too large can overpower a petite figure. The clothing you choose should accommodate your growing belly and breasts, while still fitting properly elsewhere. Many people also recommend selecting smooth fabrics that don't add much bulk and with a little stretch in breathable materials. Sizing can vary quite a bit among manufacturers of petite maternity clothes, so it's wise to try things on whenever possible. Once you have a firm idea of what size to buy, shopping will be easier and should be able to be completed online or in local stores.

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Buy an inexpensive sewing machine and learn to sew! Most of the major pattern companies have patterns available for maternity clothes, and most have petite sizing built in. You're probably not going to want too many complicated outfits, so a couple of pairs of knit pants, for instance, probably will be mostly what you'll want and need. It's usually easier to find petite tops, or make "average" sized tops work. Slacks and jeans present the problem.

Knit material is usually not too expensive, and sewing lessons can serve you well later on, if you want to make clothes for your baby!

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    • Maternity clothing is designed to accommodate a growing belly.
      By: Radek Sturgolewski
      Maternity clothing is designed to accommodate a growing belly.