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How do I Choose the Best Maternity Work out Clothes?

B. Miller
B. Miller

The best maternity work out clothes are ones that are comfortable and allow a good range of motion. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident in your maternity work out clothes, and also that they work well for the type of exercise you want to do. These should be the primary factors in your choice. There are many different types of maternity clothes designed for exercising, such as t-shirts, tank tops, or even long-sleeved shirts, as well as pants and shorts designed to stretch throughout the pregnancy.

Maternity work out clothes designed to be worn on top, such as t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, or tank tops, are generally much longer than other types of workout clothes to prevent the shirt from riding up during the workout. Many feature stretch panels in the midsection to better accommodate the belly as it grows. They are designed to be made of soft, breathable material to prevent getting too hot while exercising, though it is important to always stay hydrated when exercising while pregnant, and to ensure that you stop and take a break if you ever get dizzy or short of breath.

A maternity sports bra.
A maternity sports bra.

Some types of shorts, capris, or long pants are also designed to function as maternity work out clothes. These typically feature a stretchy maternity band at the top of the pants, which can be rolled down when the stomach is still fairly small, and then rolled up to increase the longevity of the pants throughout the pregnancy. Some women find capris to be the most comfortable type of maternity pants to wear for workouts, because they allow more breathability than long pants, but also offer a bit more coverage, for women who feel modest.

A pregnant woman.
A pregnant woman.

It is also important to consider additional accessories, such as supportive undergarments and comfortable footwear when you are choosing maternity work out clothes. A maternity sports bra can make workouts more comfortable. In addition, proper footwear is essential to prevent trips and falls, which could lead to injury. The footwear should keep the feet properly aligned, and prevent them from rolling inward or outward, which could lead to pain in the hips and lower back, particularly during pregnancy when more strain is placed on these areas during workouts.

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    • A maternity sports bra.
      By: Karen Roach
      A maternity sports bra.
    • A pregnant woman.
      By: tan4ikk
      A pregnant woman.
    • Without the proper maternity work out clothes, a pregnant woman may experience pain in her lower back.
      By: doble.d
      Without the proper maternity work out clothes, a pregnant woman may experience pain in her lower back.