How do I Choose the Best Maternity Work Clothes?

T. Alaine

Dressing professionally while pregnant can be achieved by incorporating new maternity work clothes into your existing wardrobe. Looking polished in maternity work clothes means choosing pieces that are well tailored instead of over-sized and billowy, which will create a professional appearance instead of a sloppy one. Furthermore, selecting a few neutral, classic basics and accessorizing them with your own scarves, shoes, and jewelry will help you look and feel put-together and confident.

Maternity work clothes must look professional, but they also must accommodate a pregnant belly.
Maternity work clothes must look professional, but they also must accommodate a pregnant belly.

Some items from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe might still fit and be appropriate for work, but there will undoubtedly be some new pieces you must purchase. Crisp slacks that are fitted with stretchy, higher-cut waistbands will accommodate a pregnant belly while still looking professional. Choosing one or two pairs in neutral colors such as navy, black, brown, or grey will allow you to re-wear these items frequently without drawing attention to the repetition, and these colors will also match most existing wardrobe items. You may find that some of your current empire cut or loose-fitting shirts or blouses will still fit appropriately, at least in the earlier stages of pregnancy; pair these tops with an existing jacket or blazer worn unbuttoned to allow for your growing stomach.

Another foolproof way to dress professionally during pregnancy is to wear dresses or skirts as maternity work clothes instead of pants. Looser, flowing dresses from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe that still fit during pregnancy can be dressed up with a blazer to create a comfortable outfit that is suitable for the workplace. If you find that your old blazers or jackets do not fit, a similar piece in a larger size or specifically cut for maternity work clothes is a good investment; a well-tailored jacket in a neutral color is extremely versatile and can make almost any outfit look professional and polished.

One of the most important traits to look for in maternity work clothes is good tailoring. At least one element of a maternity work outfit should be tailored and well-fitted to make sure the look is professional and not sloppy. For example, a flowing skirt should be paired with a crisp, tailored maternity blouse, or conversely, a billowy shirt should be worn with fitted, pressed slacks. Pairing items in this way will make your maternity work clothes look professional and help you feel confident during your pregnancy.

Buying the basics is generally the most frugal and practical approach to maternity clothes shopping, but if that is boring you can always dress up your maternity work clothes with your favorite accessories or some trendy new ones. Colorful scarves knotted at the neck look sophisticated and professional while lending some interest to an outfit. Similarly, interesting but tasteful shoes and handbags can spice up a neutral outfit, and earrings and necklaces will fit no matter how big your stomach grows.

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