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How do I Choose the Best Night Vision Scopes for Rifles?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

There are many types of night vision rifle scopes available. These come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and magnification power ratings. Choosing the best night vision scopes for rifles depends on the usage and budget of the gun owner. Scopes are sold based on their size and magnification rating. Higher power-rated scopes can magnify to a farther distance, but are typically more expensive.

When choosing night vision scopes for rifles, it is important to remember that when it comes to magnification level, less is typically better. Using a scope with a high magnification will cause close shots to become blurry and difficult to judge. A good scope for standard hunting use should provide three or four times magnification with a maximum adjustment of nine times magnification. This will provide better versatility with the gun.

Laser pointers can be added to a rifle scope to mark a target.
Laser pointers can be added to a rifle scope to mark a target.

Most military units use night scopes on rifles and other guns so they can fight in the dark. Most military units use a wide array of night vision technologies. This infrared vision is available in goggles, airplanes, tanks, and heavy machinery equipment.

Some night vision scopes for rifles include special interchangeable lenses. This allows the scope to be modified from day mode to night mode with a small change to the lens piece. Day and night rifle scopes allow owners to use a single scope for both day and night shooting.

Most night vision scopes for rifles use an infrared lens to assist the shooter to see in the dark. This special lens causes images to radiate with a glowing effect. The thermal energy of humans and animals makes them glow when viewed through this type of scope.

Thermal rifle scopes use infrared technology to highlight heated objects. These rifle scopes are available in many sizes and should only be used in darkness. Using a night vision scope for rifles during the day is impossible because the scope is too bright for viewing. These scopes must be switched to a standard scope before they can be used during the daylight hours.

Laser devices can also be added to night vision scopes for rifles. This laser pointer is typically available in either a green or red light. It places a red mark onto the target, which will glow when viewed through the rifle scope.

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    • Laser pointers can be added to a rifle scope to mark a target.
      By: crom
      Laser pointers can be added to a rifle scope to mark a target.