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How Do I Choose the Best Muscle Shirt?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

When you are attempting to choose the best muscle shirt, it is important to examine several aspects of the shirt, such as color, size and fit. Color is often a determining factor when selecting clothes, including muscle shirts. Overall fit of the muscle shirt must be sufficient to allow you freedom of movement. Also, the size of the arm reliefs must be large enough to allow freedom of movement, however, not so large that the shirt feels baggy and uncomfortable. The neck of the muscle shirt should be cut low enough to provide comfort, but it should not bind when it comes in contact with your lower neck.

The muscle shirt, also known as the sleeveless T-shirt, is worn by many who prefer the non-restrictive fit of the garment over that of a traditional T-shirt. Not all muscle shirt designs, however, are the same. Some can become very uncomfortable when wearing the garment under other clothing, or as a stand-alone shirt. To find the best muscle T-shirt, you might want to select one that is long enough to be tucked into your pants. This is often a preferred way to wear this type of shirt.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

If you are searching for a T-shirt that you can wear without tucking the bottom of the shirt into your pants, you may wish to select a muscle shirt that comes down only to the waist line. The area of the arm holes is one of the most important to fit correctly for many customers. If your goal is to select the best T-shirt that does not pull or bind under your arms, you will want to select a shirt with low-cut arm reliefs instead of the higher-cut versions of the muscle-T.

You may also want to choose a muscle shirt that is very low-cut in the neck area. Some manufacturers make V-neck style, muscle Ts for the customer who wants the lowest neckline possible. You will be required to select the type of material that your muscle T is manufactured from. Plain cotton, cotton blend or even ribbed T-shirts are available to choose from, with each offering a distinct feel when worn. If your goal is to choose a snug-fitting type of shirt, you may be happiest with a ribbed-T, as they tend to hug the body closer than a traditional cotton muscle shirt.

Some muscle shirts also are designed specifically for athletic wear and are made to offer comfort, coolness and keep the wearer dry by wicking perspiration away from the body. Selecting the best muscle shirt also involves choosing one that is a desired color or colors. In addition to plain or patterned shirts, some also may feature logos, sport's team names or images.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips