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How Do I Choose the Best Men's Pajamas?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

In order to choose the best men's pajamas, it's vital to pick a pair that is tailored to the man's preferences rather than those of the shopper. The amount of clothing the man prefers to wear at night is one of the most important considerations when choosing which pajamas to buy. The type of material the pajamas are made from also plays a part in picking the best pair. For the maximum amount of comfort, the correct size must be purchased whether purchasing only bottoms or a matching top and bottom set. The color, pattern and design of the pajamas may not seem important, but often plays a part in whether the man leaves them in the drawer or actually wears them.

Men's pajamas provide varying amounts of coverage depending on the type. Some men get too warm at night and prefer to sleep in as little clothing as possible, in which case, boxers or basketball shorts are often an ideal option. For those who want a little more coverage, lounge pants or shorts combined with a t-shirt cover enough of the body without being too warm. Another option is lounge pants with a matching long sleeve top, which is typically the warmest of the options.

Many men are comfortable wearing a simple T-shirt to sleep in.
Many men are comfortable wearing a simple T-shirt to sleep in.

The type of material the men's pajamas are made from is also important to consider. Certain fabrics, such as flannel and fleece, are quite warm and are best for winter months. Silk typically provides warmth in cold weather and allows the wearer to stay cool in warm weather. Pajamas made from cotton or polyester are ideal year round, and are usually cheaper than those made from other fabrics.

Know the size the man wears before purchasing any clothing. It doesn't matter how much fabric makes up the men's pajamas or the type of material they're made from if the size is wrong. Know the exact waist size, as some letter sizes vary by brand.

Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.

What the pajamas look like plays a big part in whether or not the man will wear them. Going for his favorite pattern or design is always the best choice. If you're not completely certain about an option, the safe choice is to opt for pajamas in his favorite solid color.

Always buy pajamas specifically tailored to the man's preferences. Taking all the factors into consideration can also help you narrow down the stores from which to purchase them; some may only carry certain sizes and materials. It may take awhile to find the best men's pajamas, but locating the ideal pair will help ensure he puts them to good use.

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@Oceana - My brother is just the opposite of yours. He only wears men’s pajamas with shorts, even during the winter time.

Also, he will take the t-shirt portion of the pajamas off before going to bed. He seems to generate a lot of heat during his sleep, so too much clothing would make him very uncomfortable.

He wears the pajama set around the house after showering. He will sit and watch TV in his sports-themed pajama shirt and shorts for hours, but the t-shirt must come off when it is time to go to sleep.

My brother only wears men’s footed pajamas because they are the only kind that keep him warm. He shivers when everyone else in the house says that the temperature is perfect, so he finally suited up in these pajamas in protest.

They zip from the neck down to the legs, so it is easy for him to go to the bathroom at night. The zipper is lined on the inside with cotton so that the metal doesn’t feel cold against his skin.

I don’t see how he keeps from sweating under the covers at night with his whole body insulated like that. He says the pajamas keep his body at the perfect temperature for sleeping, though.


I think that if you are going to buy pajamas for men, you should stick to plain colors or simple plaids. If you try to go with cartoon characters or certain beverage logos, you could find him stowing them away in a drawer because he is embarrassed to wear them.

I used to buy my boyfriend cute pajamas for his birthday, but I eventually stopped doing that. It hurt my feelings when he didn’t wear them, and I finally realized that I had been buying pajamas that were more suited for a teenager than a grown man.

When I bought him a pajama set of plaid shorts and a solid blue t-shirt, he finally wore them. I knew I had discovered the secret to getting him to sleep in the pajamas I had picked out.


My husband loves warm pajamas in winter, but it is a little hard for me to find men's flannel pajamas that will fit him. He is tall and has really long arms, and many regular department stores don’t carry sizes that are long enough in both top and bottom for him.

I usually have to go to a big and tall store to find the right size. I have a lot more to choose from in there, because if I’m lucky enough to find one pair that fit him in a regular store, they usually only have one color or pattern available.

In a big and tall store, I can choose from several logos, patterns, and colors. He looks good in orange and brown, so I usually stick to that color family.

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    • Many men are comfortable wearing a simple T-shirt to sleep in.
      By: Kayros Studio
      Many men are comfortable wearing a simple T-shirt to sleep in.
    • Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
      By: philip kinsey
      Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
    • Men typically prefer conservative colors and patterns.
      By: trgowanlock
      Men typically prefer conservative colors and patterns.