How Do I Choose the Best Microfleece Pajamas?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
Microfleece pajamas are very popular.
Microfleece pajamas are very popular.

Some factors you may consider when choosing microfleece pajamas are price, size, fit, and color. If you are buying for yourself, you should try the pajamas on before making a purchase to ensure a good fit. Choosing items you find visually appealing and stylish is also important. Additionally, you should consider your geographic location and the temperature of your home before making a purchase, as microfleece pajamas are considered very warm. If you live in a hotter climate or keep your home's thermostat set to a higher temperature, you may need to choose sleepwear that is very lightweight and breathable to avoid feeling overheated.

Microfleece is a material made from synthetic polyester fibers. It is made to mimic natural

Microfleece is often made from recycled plastic bottles.
Microfleece is often made from recycled plastic bottles.

, but without the risk of allergies or the use of animal-derived materials, making it ideal for those practicing a vegan lifestyle. The use of microfleece is also considered an environmentally friendly option because it can be made from recycled plastic bottles and other synthetic materials. This fabric is lightweight, keeps moisture away from the skin, and it provides superior warmth. Microfleece is sometimes referred to as polar



Microfleece pajamas are made to mimic natural wool, without the risk of allergies.
Microfleece pajamas are made to mimic natural wool, without the risk of allergies.

When choosing the right microfleece pajamas, you should first consider the reasons you are interested in purchasing sleepwear made from this material. The most common reasons why one may choose microfleece over another material is because it is very warm, soft, and lightweight. If you are buying them to provide a warmer sleeping option, you may consider a footed option. These are typically one-piece pajamas with enclosed feet at the bottom, and they are used to provide maximum warmth in colder climates. They are often used for infants and young children, but adult options are available as well.

If you live in a warmer climate, you should choose microfleece pajamas that are thin and lightweight. This will allow the fabric to breathe better so that your body stays at a consistent temperature more easily. It is also important to choose pajamas which are within your budget. Microfleece is generally inexpensive and can be found at most affordable department and clothing stores.

Aside from these factors, choosing microfleece pajamas is really a matter of fit and personal taste. They come in various colors and styles, so finding one that suits your needs shouldn't be difficult. You should also ensure that your pajamas are the right fit. Sleepwear should generally fit more loosely than your normal clothes, so you may wish to try on any options you are considering before making a final purchase.

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@OeKc05 - I wish that my sister would use her microfleece hooded pajamas as her Halloween costume and nothing else. She embarrasses me when she wears them in front of my friends, because they look just like kids’ pajamas.

They are black and white, just like a real penguin. What is really embarrassing about them is that the feet have penguin heads on them. They look just like fuzzy animal slippers.

Pair that look with a black hood, and you have a penguin impersonator. She doesn’t sleep in them. She just parades around the house in them to humiliate me in front of my friends.


I didn’t know that microfleece was so environmentally friendly! That makes me feel even better about owning several items of clothing made of this material.

I have a few microfleece sweaters and hoodies, and I recently went shopping for some women’s microfleece pajamas. I was about to go spend the weekend at my grandparents’ house, and they don’t have any central heat there. They use a fireplace in the living room, and the rest of the house is cold.

I bought a pair, and once I settled in for the night, I was so glad I had them. I wore some fuzzy socks to bed, which I never do, and the microfleece pajamas worked with the socks to keep me from shivering through the night.


Adult onesie microfleece pajamas can sometimes double as Halloween costumes. My friend wanted to stay warm while taking her daughter trick-or-treating, so she found some fleecy pajamas made to look like a frog suit.

These pajamas were green and had a hood with eyes on top of it. The front had a big light green oval that is supposed to be the belly of the frog.

It even had frog fingers and toes, so she was totally enclosed, except for her face. She said that this outfit kept her nice and warm on Halloween night, when it was fifty degrees outside.

My brother stays cold all the time, even when everyone else in the house is hot, so he wears microfleece footed pajamas.

It’s pretty funny to see him walking around in this warm, fuzzy, full-body outfit while everyone else is in t-shirts and cotton pants. At least the pajamas keep him from complaining about the thermostat setting, though.

He even sleeps in them. I don’t see how he can sleep under so many warm covers in microfleece footed pajamas, but he says it keeps his body at just the right temperature. With any less warmth, he could not fall asleep.

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    • Microfleece pajamas are very popular.
      By: bramgino
      Microfleece pajamas are very popular.
    • Microfleece is often made from recycled plastic bottles.
      By: gavran333
      Microfleece is often made from recycled plastic bottles.
    • Microfleece pajamas are made to mimic natural wool, without the risk of allergies.
      By: Piotr Marcinski
      Microfleece pajamas are made to mimic natural wool, without the risk of allergies.