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How Do I Choose the Best Iridology Course?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Iridology is the practice of divining the state of a person's health from qualities in the eyes. Usually, this is accomplished with the assistance of observation and charts. The best iridology course will include instruction not only in this diagnostic practice, but also in the history and theory behind this type of alternative medicine. If pursuing a career as an iridologist, a course that offers certification will likely be the best choice, but because these courses are not regulated by external organizations, you must usually choose which type of certification you will obtain.

Most people who wish to take iridology courses are interested in learning how this interesting diagnostic technique works. An iridology course often involves learning how to look at the iris of the eye and interpret its particular qualities. The theory behind iridology relies on the idea that changes in the presentation of the iris relate directly to changes in other parts of the body, so noticing differences in the iris is also taught. Iridology charts must be examined in any iridology course as well, as this explains the relationship between different parts of the body and each eye.

Iridology courses may be available online.
Iridology courses may be available online.

One thing to think about when choosing an iridology course is where the class is located. Many of these classes are available online, but working online does not provide the same opportunities for interaction as a live class. Interpretation of irises is best facilitated by small, live groups of people. Some classroom classes even involve analyzing the irises of classmates.

An iridology course should also familiarize students with any tools used in current iridology. For example, tools for examining the iris have evolved since the beginnings of iridology, and observation can now be facilitated by computers and zoom functions. Courses designed to train people for careers in this field must also teach students how to communicate the findings of analysis to patients. Iridology is an analytical practice and is useful only if its findings can be acted upon.

Looking into the past of this type of alternative medicine can help explain its current state, so many courses include information about the history of this practice. Seeking guidance from ancient sources can offer explanations of why certain areas of the eye relate to certain body parts. This is important, because a competent practitioner should understand not only the correct analysis, but also why this analysis is correct.

Beyond these factors, it is also important to think about the level of the course. Some classes are designed to be taken in series, offering several levels of certification. Reaching a higher level within a certification scheme is usually considered useful for career purposes, but the information may not be relevant for an actual iridology practitioner.

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    • Iridology courses may be available online.
      By: Ken Hurst
      Iridology courses may be available online.