How do I Choose the Best Hook-On High Chair?

R. Kimball
R. Kimball
Doctor with a baby
Doctor with a baby

Hook-on high chairs are convenient because they place the child directly at the table, and they are portable. Choosing the best chair involves determining where the chair will be used, what type of table or tables it will need to fit, and finding one with a removable seat for easy cleaning. Most chairs weigh less than 10 pounds (about 4.5 kg), and they frequently come with a carrying case that protects the chair in transit. Chair materials and the manner in which the chair attaches to the table vary.

In order to select the best hook-on high chair, one must determine where the chair is going to be used the most. If one is planning on using the chair strictly in one location, then the hook-on high chair will only be required to fit one table. If one is planning on using the chair in a variety of locations, one must find a hook-on high chair that may be attached to a variety of tables. The speed with which the chair may be attached to and removed from a table should also be considered when selecting a chair.

Some hook-on high chairs attach to the side of a table using a ā€œCā€ clamp. These clamps basically allow the hook-on high chair to be attached onto the table with a screw that is permanently attached to the clamp. This type of attachment is good for a hook-on high chair that will not be moved frequently. The clamps do not fit every table, but they are generally a good fit for a counter top. If one is not careful when attaching to and removing from a table, the screw may be stripped.

Another group of hook-on high chairs attach to the table using two sets of arms. One set of the arms hooks underneath the tabletop and the other set sits on top of the tabletop. These types of hook-on high chairs might not work with a table that has a skirt. It is best to check to see if the different arms have the ability to be adjusted to work on a variety of tables.

There are hook-on high chairs that are more like regular high chairs that attach to tables as well. These chairs are more difficult to attach to and remove from a table quickly. These chairs often offer more functions, however, such as a dishwasher safe tray and a rotating seat. Due to the time it takes to install and remove these chairs, they are better suited for people who will not be moving the chair frequently.

All high chairs have nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean. Choosing a hook-on high chair with a removable seat can make it much easier to clean. The packages or descriptions for each of the chairs might not designate whether or not the seat is removable; one may need to either see the chair in person or read the product reviews to determine if the seat is removable.

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    • Doctor with a baby
      Doctor with a baby