How do I Choose the Best Guest Pager?

Anna B. Smith

When searching for the best guest pager, you many want to consider the style of the pager, its battery life, and its anti-theft features. These devices may be purchased from specialty companies, typically over the Internet, that sell pagers in bulk orders. They are useful for any business or organization operating in a large square footage area that may need to contact browsing or waiting customers at a moment's notice.

Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

A guest pager is a small electronic device that may be used to contact people remotely when within a distance of 100 feet. Typically one computer console is used as a communications hub for a group of pagers. The pager can be set to vibrate, make a low tone, or send a message when contacted. These devices are commonly used by restaurants to let patrons know when their tables are ready for use. They are also widely used in the childcare industry so that parents may be notified remotely in case of an emergency.

These pagers are available in a wide selection of shapes, colors, and sizes. Restaurant owners may wish to choose a style that promotes their business. This can be accomplished by choosing a pager that is shaped like a particular food item, such as a lobster for a seafood restaurant, that will cause the waiting patrons to think about their upcoming meals in great detail while waiting. Eating establishments that also feature a bar area may wish to use pagers that are shaped like coasters, which can encourage patrons to wait at the bar and order drinks while their tables are being prepared. Businesses that wish to allow their customers to remain private about their use of a pager may select a device that is small, easily tucked into clothing pockets and vibrates when activated.

Business owners may wish to roughly calculate the number of customers who will be handling a guest pager during a normal business day. This information can then be used to determine whether to purchase a battery-powered unit or one that is rechargeable. Battery powered units may be used for longer lengths of time than rechargeable varieties, which can be ideal when less than 20 pagers are infrequently in use, as the constant need to purchase batteries can become expensive. Rechargeable units must be placed on a power station, which is sold separately, typically every 48 hours. These generally are preferable when more than 25 pagers will be in constant circulation on a daily basis.

A select few styles of guest pager are also equipped with anti-theft measures. These pagers, once activated or removed from the signal range, beep and vibrate until the unit is returned to the central desk. Guest pagers can become expensive when purchasing bulk orders that range between 50 and 100 units for a business. Anti-theft technology can greatly reduce the loss of these devices and save business owners money in the long run.

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