How do I Choose the Best Gravity Boots?

Kelly Ferguson

Gravity boots are special boots designed to allow the wearer to hang upside down, usually suspended from a bar mounted to a door frame or the ceiling. A person trying to choose the best gravity boots would do well to select a product that minimizes the risk of injury. A second important consideration should be the resources needed to mount the related equipment. Many homes may not have sturdy enough door frames to support the equipment, and living arrangements such as rented apartments may not permit drilling into the ceiling. For such situations, an inversion table could be an alternative to gravity boots.

Like an inversion table, gravity boots are purported to alleviate back pain.
Like an inversion table, gravity boots are purported to alleviate back pain.

Gravity boots are used in a practice known as inversion therapy, which is purported to alleviate back pain, stretch the ligaments, improve posture and flexibility, and increase blood flow to the brain. Some people also use gravity boots to perform inversion exercises such as inverted crunches or squats. Inversion therapy seems to have gained more support in popular culture than it has in the medical community. Many medical professionals warn that the temporary benefits of inversion therapy may not outweigh the possible increased health risks for people with glaucoma, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Gravity boots may help improve a person's posture.
Gravity boots may help improve a person's posture.

When purchasing gravity boots, one should look for a product made of durable material with a secure locking system, both to attach to the bar and to hold the feet securely in the boots. Some gravity boots have a second, back-up lock in case the first lock fails. The locks should also be easy enough to open that there is no risk of getting stuck in an inverted position.

Most brands of gravity boots are made in one or two sizes and are meant to be adjustable to fit a wide range of shoe sizes. Just because the boots are large enough, though, does not mean they are meant for all weight categories. One should look carefully to make sure the gravity boots and all equipment involved, including the materials used to mount the bar, will support his or her weight before buying or testing them.

A separate option entirely is to buy an inversion table instead of gravity boots. Inversion tables can be easier to manipulate than gravity boots, making the transition from upside down and back smoother. Some inversion tables allow the user to hang on an angle instead of completely upside down. Inversion tables also usually require no special mounting equipment and can be stored when not in use.

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