How Do I Choose the Best Glue Syringe?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth
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Woman posing

It can be tough getting glue into tight or tiny areas, but the proper glue syringe can make the task much easier. There are two types of glue syringe tips — straight and curved — and both can be used for different applications. The glue capacity of the syringe also is important, especially for larger jobs that need a lot of glue. While this type of syringe can work with almost any type of glue, it may be wise to ensure the glue does not react with the syringe. Different needle sizes allow users to apply a thin or thick line of glue when needed, and choosing the right needle size often is important.

A glue syringe can come with one of two types of tips — straight or curved. Both can be used for similar jobs, but they also are specialized for different purposes. Straight tips are best for areas the user can easily reach, and they often can go somewhat deeper into the area. If the area is difficult to reach or see, then curved syringe tips may be easier for the user to manipulate.

Each glue syringe is a different size, meaning a different amount of glue can be held. If the user is performing a small or medium -size job, then the average syringe size should hold enough glue for the application. Larger jobs may require bigger syringes, because a small syringe may have to be repeatedly filled during the project.

Any type of glue usually can be used with a glue syringe, and most glues will not react to the syringe’s plastic body. At the same time, there are some glue types that will bond to the syringe’s body — especially if the glue is left in the syringe for a long time — or that may have a chemical reaction with the syringe. This is one reason why the user should ensure the syringe can accommodate the glue he wants to use.

Just like any other syringe, a glue syringe can have different needle sizes. Large needles create thick lines of glue, while small needles create thinner lines. Depending on what the user needs, he should pick an adequately sized needle. Selecting a needle that is too big may cause glue to spill everywhere, while a needle that is too small may force the user to go over an area several times to fill it in properly.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing