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How Do I Choose the Best Fake Security Camera?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing the best fake security camera, such as your budget, how much scrutiny the camera is likely to face and where it will be used. Imitation security cameras vary from those that are indistinguishable from the real thing to those that obviously are fake, and your budget is often the biggest deciding factor for which type you will be able to buy. Some features, such real glass lenses or two cords that extend from the base and appear to be wired correctly, can help a unit stand up to scrutiny. If your fake camera will be installed outdoors, it also is important to obtain a unit that is weatherproof.

The primary reason to install a fake security camera is to prevent theft and vandalism without the potentially large cost of a real camera system. These fake cameras do not actually record anything, so they must be seen by any potential thief or vandal, and that individual needs to believe that they are real. This means that a fake security camera not only has to be installed in a conspicuous area to be effective, it also has to stand up to the scrutiny of any potential wrongdoer. If that individual does not believe that the camera is real, he or she might not be deterred.

A fake security camera may help prevent theft and vandalism.
A fake security camera may help prevent theft and vandalism.

When you first start looking for faux security cameras, you might want to begin by examining the real thing. Even if a real security system is not within your budgetary means, it can help if you become familiar with modern security camera designs. You can use your knowledge of these real cameras to judge how likely any fake camera is to fool a potential criminal. If the housing of the camera very closely resembles a real device that you have seen, it might be more likely to deter criminal actions.

A fake camera should look as convincing as possible.
A fake camera should look as convincing as possible.

In addition to the overall design, there are several specific features that you can look for when choosing a fake security camera. One important feature is the lens, because many inexpensive models come with plastic lenses that are obviously fake. A fake camera with a real glass lens is much more likely to appear real. Some real cameras use one cable that includes both power and video, but you might want a unit that has two separate cables, because many people are used to seeing older cameras wired that way. Other fake security cameras include more advanced features, such as motion tracking and light emitting diodes (LEDs) that can add to the overall cost but also help fool any potential vandals or thieves.

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Something to consider is the fact that a criminal is not going to be fooled by a security camera if it doesn't suit the locale. If you live in a poor looking neighborhood and you obviously can't afford a real security camera, they might just assume that it's a fake anyway.

You might be better off getting a sign saying "beware of the dog" or something like that, rather than trying to trick people into thinking you've got a security camera installed.


@KoiwiGal - Security camera systems aren't cheap. You are just thinking about the camera itself and not about the gear it would need to be hooked up to in order to work properly.

You would have to install cables in such a way that they wouldn't be easily cut, which usually means putting them underground, and they would need to be hooked up to a recording bank that can store enough footage to make it worth it.

If you are installing one inside, that's one thing, but even that can be expensive. Once you get to outside, which is usually the case for home security, the cost goes up a lot.


I feel like anyone who can afford to buy a dummy security camera that would pass close inspection can probably afford to just buy the real deal. I mean cameras aren't all that expensive these days. And every city seems to have them installed all over the place, so they can't be that difficult to work and manage. You might as well spend a little bit more and get the real thing.

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    • A fake security camera may help prevent theft and vandalism.
      By: dmitrimaruta
      A fake security camera may help prevent theft and vandalism.
    • A fake camera should look as convincing as possible.
      By: trekandphoto
      A fake camera should look as convincing as possible.