How Do I Choose the Best Dual-Screen Car DVD Players?

Autumn Rivers

Dual-screen car DVD players are quite popular among those who drive often, especially when there are children in the car who might become bored during long trips. If you are considering this option for your vehicle, you should decide whether to get one that plugs in to the vehicle or runs on batteries. You also should think about screen size before buying a dual-screen car DVD player. In addition, consider convenience features such as headphone jacks, a remote control and a mounting kit for the car.

Some dual-screen car DVD players plug into a vehicle's cigarette lighter for power.
Some dual-screen car DVD players plug into a vehicle's cigarette lighter for power.

You may want to consider how the dual-screen DVD player you want is powered. For example, some can be plugged into the car's cigarette lighter, or a standard electrical outlet. If the dual-screen car DVD players that you are browsing need to be plugged in, make sure the cord is long enough, taking into account where you will put the equipment and where the cigarette lighter or power outlet is. If you choose a DVD, or digital video disc, player that runs on batteries, then try to choose one with long battery life. This is considered at least five hours, allowing your passengers to watch at least a couple movies before having to recharge or replace the batteries.

Another detail to think about while browsing dual-screen car DVD players is the size of the screens. Larger screens tend to give the best viewing experience and are especially good when a few passengers will be watching the same screen. They are heavier than the smaller screens, though, and you also need to ensure you have enough room in the car for both. In addition, a particularly large screen often takes more power; if you are trying to conserve the battery, you might opt for a medium or small screen. No matter what size you choose, you are advised to get dual-screen car DVD players with high resolution so the picture is clear, because this also can improve the viewing experience.

Other details can add to the quality of dual-screen car DVD players because, while some features are important, others are simply convenient. For example, some systems come with mounting kits so you can attach the screens to the back of the front seats, allowing several passengers to watch movies together. If you choose to mount the screens, a remote control is often helpful so passengers can change the volume or switch movies without getting out of their seat, though this might not be an issue in a small car. Additionally, you may want to consider systems that offer at least one headphone jack so viewers can listen to movies without disturbing other passengers.

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