How do I Choose the Best Die-Cut Decoupage Sheets?

Tara Barnett

Die-cut decoupage sheets are used for a variety of projects and can minimize the amount of cutting involved in the craft. Usually, these sheets are designed as kits and include everything required to complete a card or other item. Commonly, die-cut decoupage sheets are designed to create projects that appear to have additional depth, sometimes called 3D decoupage or paper tole. This type of project is particularly well suited to die-cut decoupage sheets because images need to be precisely and cleanly cut in order for the finished project to look professional. Choosing the best die-cut decoupage sheets involves considering the type of project, the paper, and the design itself.

3D decoupage can be done to make cards for many occasions.
3D decoupage can be done to make cards for many occasions.

One of the first things to consider when choosing die-cut decoupage sheets is the type of project you wish to work on. While it is possible to find die-cut decoupage sheets for nearly any project, by far the most common type of sheet is for projects in three dimensions. It is possible to find a variety of sizes and images for these projects, but simply finding flat decoupage sheets with pop-out images is not always easy. Kits designed for children sometimes include these items, but they are not always available in the same variety of shapes.

Cutting paper by hand typically takes much longer than using a die cut machine.
Cutting paper by hand typically takes much longer than using a die cut machine.

When working with 3D decoupage sheets, one thing to consider is how the final design will fit into the item being made. For instance, while these sheets often make it easier to get all component parts in place, the edges of the background are not always as clean or decorative as they are in homemade decoupage projects. If the item will be framed, this does not matter, but if it will be in a card, you may need to modify the edges of the background with scissors to make it look professional.

As far as the actual design goes, die-cut decoupage sheets are highly varied, although traditional designs are very popular. One thing to consider is how the different layers will look when put together. Depending on your preferences, it may be best to start out with a project that does not have very many small layers, as these can be difficult to work with.

The quality of the decoupage sheet is almost entirely dependent on the paper and printing quality used. Most professionally made sheets will be on paper of a high quality, although there are some cheaper brands. Images used for this type of project should not be pixelated or blurry unless that is the effect being sought. When purchasing these sheets online, it is important to be careful because the image displayed may not reveal the quality of the actual product. It is always better to select crafting materials in person.

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