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How Do I Choose the Best DECT Bluetooth®?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) Bluetooth® phones are cordless phones that are able to wirelessly connect, via Bluetooth®, to mobile phones and other devices. Knowing what devices can and cannot be connected to is a priority when choosing such a phone. Connecting from a DECT Bluetooth® phone to another device may cause interference and quality issues, so getting a phone with no or little interference will make it easier to speak with other people. An advantage to having a DECT phone is that many phones can connect to one jack. As a wireless device, this phone will have a limited battery life, and that life should be long enough to satisfy working conditions.

The Bluetooth® aspect of a DECT Bluetooth® phone allows people to connect with certain devices, but the types of devices may be limited. For example, some phones can connect with mobile phones, others can connect with voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and others can do both. Getting a phone that can connect with a wide range of devices is usually best. If the user has a certain device to which he or she wants to connect, then he or she should check the specifications to ensure the phone can connect with that device.

DECT phone.
DECT phone.

Several connections occur when using a DECT Bluetooth® phone. The DECT phone has to integrate with the phone’s base to establish a working connection, and then Bluetooth® must connect with another device. This makes it easy for interference to occur. Getting a Bluetooth® DECT phone that has no interference will help ensure that conversations are clear.

One advantage to having a DECT Bluetooth® phone is that many handsets can be connected to the phone’s base with just one jack. For houses with many occupants or businesses with many employees, this can lower phone costs and make phone use more convenient. Users should check the maximum number of handsets allowed and ensure that there are enough to satisfy their needs. Phones that can function independently, meaning that each phone can make a separate call, also are considered convenient.

Nearly every DECT Bluetooth® phone is wireless, so battery life can be an issue. The average battery life of a DECT phone is about five hours if used non-stop. For household users, this should be enough, but business users may require more. Users should ensure the battery life is long enough to satisfy working conditions; otherwise, the phone may die during important discussions.

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    • DECT phone.
      DECT phone.