How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Watch?

D. Grey
D. Grey
A watch.
A watch.

When seeking to choose the best cheap watch, quality and function should not be sacrificed. Keep an eye out for sturdiness and accurate timekeeping, features which can be found even in an inexpensive watch. The first step is to set a strict budget and to do your best not to exceed that amount. There are a number of things to consider that can keep the price of a good watch within that budget, such as purchasing only the timepiece and reusing or buying a less expensive band. You should also decide on what features you require in a watch, such as the method by which it is powered, whether it has an alarm function, or if it is waterproof.

Regardless of the type of watch you purchase, arguably, the most important task of any watch is to accurately tell and keep time. This should be first and foremost in the mind of any buyer, whether he is purchasing a cheap watch or an expensive one. You also need to decide whether you want a digital or analog watch. Generally, digital watches will be easier to find cheaply as they are mass produced, but it is quite possible to find reasonably priced, reliable analog watches. Another cost saving technique you may want to consider trying is buying a used watch as, with a little searching and perseverance, you may find a very nice but cheap watch.

While function should almost always override fashion in the case of a watch, just because a watch is inexpensive does not mean you have to sacrifice style. A cheap watch that looks good on your wrist and complements your apparel accomplishes has the same effect that a pricier model. These factors are largely determined by personal preference, so when choosing a cheap watch, don't be afraid to try it on before buying it. If the price is right and it sits well and looks appealing, it's possible that it could be the watch that you set out to find.

Something else to keep in mind when shopping for a watch are its features. While a cheap watch may not have as long a list of features as a more expensive one, you should have little difficulty finding an inexpensive watch with basic additional features. This may be an alarm function, or in the case of a digital watch, a countdown timer. You might also decide whether you prefer a battery operated or manually wound watch. Whatever features you choose, be sure to review all of them before making a final purchase to ensure that you will be pleased with the watch.

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    • A watch.
      A watch.