How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Acyclovir?

Cindy Quarters

Acyclovir is a type of antiviral medication used to treat the herpes virus. This medicine is not able to eradicate the virus, but it supports the body’s natural immune system by slowing the growth of herpes, limiting its spread. To choose the best cheap acyclovir you should look for a generic version that is manufactured by reputable company.

A girl with chickenpox, which is often treated with acyclovir.
A girl with chickenpox, which is often treated with acyclovir.

One of the risks of trying to buy the cheapest drug is that you may fall victim to a counterfeit drug or one that is not the strength it is supposed to be. Some countries have very strict laws in place to ensure drugs meet strict quality standards, but other countries may be lax in this type of oversight. To get the best cheap acyclovir, only buy drugs manufactured under adequate quality controls. Some examples of countries that closely monitor drug manufacturing are the United States and the United Kingdom. When you buy online acyclovir, which may be very cheap, ask where it comes from before making your purchase.


Another consideration when purchasing cheap acyclovir is to look for generic versions of the drug. Medications sold under a brand name tend to cost significantly more, due to such factors as initial development and advertising costs. Generics typically take advantage of the groundwork done by others and can be sold for much less than the brand name medications. Despite what is often a big difference in price, both cheap acyclovir and that sold under a name brand are the same drug and will work the same in virtually all cases.

Insurance requirements mean that you may not always have a choice about whether or not you use a generic version. If your doctor writes a prescription and does not specifically state that generics are allowed, the pharmacy is obligated to use the brand name product only. If you want to get cheap acyclovir, ask your doctor at the time the prescription is written to specify that the use of generics is allowed. Then, when you take the prescription to be filled, mention that you want it filled with a generic.

It is important to start taking acyclovir at the first signs of a herpes infection. This allows maximum effectiveness and will provide the best control of the condition. You should never use less than the recommended dose or take it for less than the specified length of time in an attempt to save money. While this may give you cheap acyclovir in the short term, it does not provide adequate control and you may end up needing more medication, not less, in the long run.

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