How do I Choose the Best CCTV Security System?

Bryon Turcotte

How you choose the best CCTV security system depends on some very important factors. The overall application should be your first consideration since CCTV security systems differ when designed to protect a home, a small business, or a larger facility. Your primary security concerns should be determined to insure that all your vulnerabilities could be addressed by a specific system. Your budget will determine the complexity of the system and the level of its technology, so an accurate cost assessment must be completed before you can research within your means.

A CCTV security camera can alert homeowners that someone is trying to enter the home.
A CCTV security camera can alert homeowners that someone is trying to enter the home.

Determine if your needs require a CCTV security system that will operate 24 hours a day or just during the hours you are away from the specific location being monitored. You should also decide if you require a system to monitor the exterior of your property or an entire public area which can be controlled and managed from a remote location; larger systems may require a complex configuration and specialized software. In addition, you may need security inside your property and to insure that your standards are followed when specific tasks or functions are performed at your place of business. A bank, retail store, or production facility, for example, may have additional security needs.

CCTV systems may be used by retailers to catch shoplifters in the act.
CCTV systems may be used by retailers to catch shoplifters in the act.

When researching a CCTV security system, choose one that satisfies your needs and falls in line with your budget. While smaller, simpler systems may seem appropriate and inexpensive initially, they may lack needed features that would only prompt an additional investment later. Larger, more complicated systems may be far too expensive, too complex, or designed for applications outside of your realm, turning this unneeded investment into unwanted frustration.

Asking a user of a CCTV security system that matches your scenario or a security professional may be the most valuable and helpful step in choosing what CCTV security system fits your budget and requirements. Speak with individuals who have existing CCTV security systems and ask questions about their configuration. They may have tips on how they chose their system, and the possible issues you could face.

Security companies and law enforcement professionals can also provide information about what type of security system is best for your needs. They may also have other resources that may become very helpful as you make this very serious decision. When you combine doing the proper research, understanding your requirements, determining a realistic budget, and considering the input from a number of experienced CCTV security system users and professionals, you can make a better, more informed choice.

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