How do I Choose the Best Cantilever Mount?

J. Airman

You can choose the best cantilever mount by finding one that will hold sufficient weight and articulate enough to meet your needs. Cantilever mounts are often used to hold television sets onto a wall to increase their visibility. The cantilever design redistributes the weight of the mounted object using a simple lever. A wall-mounted object can be quickly moved and set in another position when held in place by a sturdy cantilever mount. The best cantilever mount will be compatible with the item you want to secure and the way you want to enjoy it.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

Take a picture of the backside of the television or other item you intend to hang using a cantilever mount. Record the product name and manufacture so you have both image and item specifics when you evaluate mount options. There are wall mounts rated to hold 1 to several 100 pounds depending on the size of the item you are securing. Although many cantilever mounts claim to be adjustable and universal, it is important to look for the product packaging to specifically mention the brand and model. Reference the photo you have to make sure the mount will match up with the bolt configuration on the back of the piece if you do not see the product you are hanging mentioned.

Quality cantilever mounts support the majority of the weight of the mounted item at all times, making them easy to tilt and adjust and then hold a position once the desired angle is set. Rigid television wall mounts hold the flat screen against the surface of the wall without allowing for the viewing area to be tilted or turned. Having some flexibility in the screen position is important when a television has multiple sitting or standing zones from whucg it can be viewed. Glare from incoming sunlight or indoor lighting can make it necessary to make minor adjustments to enjoy an unobstructed view of a flat-screen television.

Consider the different angles from which you plan to watch a wall-mounted plasma or LCD TV to decide which compatible cantilever mount is right for your viewing habits. Test any potential cantilever mounts that are in use at retail locations to see how well they move into the viewing angles you desire. A cantilever mount that is difficult to move or does not hold a set position should be passed over for those that do so smoothly and with ease.

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