How Do I Choose the Best C-Phone?

Alex Newth

C-phone devices are found mostly in the medical field but also are seen in law enforcement and legal firms. These are special phones that do not make regular calls but allow the caller to dictate and record notes. On the other end of the phone line, the transcriber listens to the note — such as a note about a patient’s treatment or scheduling — and writes it down. The transcriber will have to take notes, so it is important that the C-phone is comfortable to use. Both sides using the C-phone need to dial the same number over and over, so speed dial is useful, as are playback features; the phone being able to function as a regular phone increases its usefulness.


Transcribers, when checking a C-phone’s record, will commonly have to write down notes from the doctor or other professional. Being comfortable while writing these notes will be important, to ensure the note is accurate. Phones with headsets or speakerphone features will allow the transcriber to use both hands to write or type the note without being distracted.

Both sides of the conversation, the recorder and the transcriber, will dial similar numbers over and over again. The recorder will dial a number to record his or her message to a special inbox, and the transcriber will dial the same number to hear the message played back. To make sure no one calls the wrong inbox and to make it easier to access the inbox, speed dial will allow both the recorder and transcriber to push a single button rather than dialing several numbers.

Simple messages likely will be easy for a transcriber to hear and write down, but detailed messages may require several playbacks, so the ability to playback a C-phone message will be needed. This also helps the recorder, just in case he or she wants to make sure nothing was missed in the message. Rewinding also helps transcribers and recorders check sections of the message without having to play everything over again.

If the transcriber doubles as a secretary, then a C-phone able to function as a regular phone will help him or her perform extra tasks for the professional. This also helps the recorder, because he or she can record messages, and then call patients and others to relay messages in real time. Having real phone functionality does not assist in the recording functions of a C-phone, but it makes the phone more useful overall.

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