How do I Choose the Best Artificial Intelligence Course?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best artificial intelligence course depends on what you wish to learn from the course. Certain schools are known to offer better courses than others, but among schools of the same caliber, the way in which artificial intelligence is approached is usually responsible for the student's enjoyment of the course. For example, an artificial intelligence course could approach the subject in terms of theories of artificial intelligence or from the social aspects. Some courses teach how to design artificial intelligence systems, and others teach from a purely philosophical standpoint. Finding the best artificial intelligence course requires thinking about what aspects of artificial intelligence you find interesting.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

The first step in choosing the best artificial intelligence course is thinking about the school you wish to attend. Many computer science schools offer this type of course, and some are considered more elite than others. A strong computer science program is usually necessary for good artificial intelligence courses, but in some cases, the program overall may be weak even if the artificial intelligence courses are taught well. Looking at technology schools can also yield some good courses on this topic.

Once a school has been chosen, the next step is to look at course offerings. Usually, there will be a basic artificial intelligence course that is required before more advanced or specialized courses can be taken. This basic type of course usually covers the basics of design and implementation, but also history and theories. When choosing a basic course, it is best to ensure that the course will involve more than just reading about the subject, as hands-on practice is often valuable.

Approaches to artificial intelligence can be very different, and choosing a course that will provide a broad background in different artificial intelligence theories can be useful. Knowing about past mistakes that have been made can help designers move past those mistakes in the future. Artificial intelligence involves creating machines that can think for themselves, which often requires understanding how thoughts are processed. As such, taking courses in philosophy, psychology, or linguistics can be helpful.

For a more advanced student, a course in a very specialized problem or approach can be the best course. When taking these courses, it is usually important to first meet several prerequisites. It is possible to find advanced courses in any aspect of artificial intelligence, but courses in history, social problems, and other aspects that are not directly related to computers can provide enrichment for otherwise scientific programs. Thinking about the implications of artificial intelligence is important even is all you wish to do is program.

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