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How Do I Become a Junior Web Developer?

Page Coleman
Page Coleman

If you would like become a junior web developer, you should evaluate your current experience and education, determine the type of position you would like, research industry trends and formulate a plan for achieving that position. You might need to attend college or take technical coursework and earn certain certifications. Experience also will be crucial in obtaining a position in this field.

A four-year college degree in computer science or web development can be useful when seeking a junior development position. Some job seekers, however, might find that a two-year degree is sufficient. Others take technical training and industry certifications and find a job in the field.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Although the job of junior web developer is an entry-level position, experience in developing websites will help in finding employment. Many organizations will review applicants’ portfolios, and the quality of a portfolio might outweigh the lack of educational achievements. One way to gain experience is through quality internships. Other ways you can gain experience is by developing a personal website, volunteering to work on non-profit websites and doing independent contracting for small businesses.

Job seekers who would like to work in web development for specific types of businesses might find taking related coursework or otherwise gaining experience can provide an advantage. For example, a job seeker who is interested in e-commerce might benefit from taking courses in that field. He or she might also look for internships or volunteer opportunities that are related to e-commerce.

Many companies will expect junior web developers to be well-versed in hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS) and scripting languages and expect them to understand Internet technology and browser compatibility issues. Other employers might expect the developer to have some skills in more challenging languages. An understanding of popular content management systems (CMS) also can be a useful for someone who would like to become a junior web developer.

Different locations might offer greater website development opportunities for someone who wishes to become a junior web developer. A job seeker who is unable to move and lives in an area with limited opportunity might be able to find work either telecommuting for a company or as an independent contractor. Joining local industry organizations or Internet forums can help job seekers form relationships with others in the field, which might lead to job offers.

To remain employable, the junior web developer should expect to continue his o her education, either formally or informally. This field evolves constantly. Ideally, anyone who pursues this career enjoys keeping up with technology.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing