How Do I Become a Hedge Fund Recruiter?

K. Kinsella

A hedge fund recruiter actively seeks out suitably qualified candidates to take on roles as analysts, brokers and actuaries at hedge fund companies. Someone wishing to become a hedge fund recruiter might gain prior experience working as a general human resources (HR) representative, or work in a similar capacity. Additionally, recruiters must have some knowledge of the securities industry which they may gain through experience or study.

A hedge fund recruiter must have some knowledge of the securities industry.
A hedge fund recruiter must have some knowledge of the securities industry.

Many hedge funds fill vacant positions with the help of staffing agencies. While some agencies work with firms in a variety of different industries, hedge funds tend to work with companies that specialize in recruiting financial industry workers. Some staffing agencies hire entry-level workers who have completed high school but have not attended college. These agents may be tasked with filling low-level administrative positions at hedge funds. Typically, recruiters who handle entry-level positions must undergo some on-the-job training which may last for several weeks.

Brokers and analysts employed by hedge funds are relatively well compensated when compared with people who occupy similar roles at banks and insurance firms. The recruiters who find candidates for these jobs typically possess college degrees in subjects such as personnel management or human resources administration. Additionally, someone wishing to become a hedge fund recruiter may have to spend several years gaining HR experience through dealing with small companies and filling low-level positions.

Some hedge funds employ in-house recruiters and these individuals typically have prior HR experience. Additionally, many financial firms prefer to employ recruiters who have worked in the securities industries as salespeople, supervisors or HR representatives. Investment strategies vary between hedge funds so each fund may require its recruiters to have some knowledge dealing with the particular type of securities that the fund holds. Someone wishing to become a hedge fund recruiter must have the knowledge to identify candidates who have the requisite skills to fill different positions. Therefore, hedge fund recruiters typically undergo extensive training during which they are taught about different components of the industry.

Many hedge funds buy and sell securities that are listed on different stock exchanges around the world and brokers often need to have second language skills. Consequently, someone wishing to become a hedge fund recruiter may need to have completed a college degree or training course in another language. Some staffing agencies and hedge fund companies require recruiters to have the ability to speak and write in several different languages. When highly skilled positions become vacant, recruiters often have to conduct worldwide searches to find qualified candidates. Therefore, language skills are essential for high-level recruiters.

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