How Common is a Third Nipple?

About one in 18 people have a third nipple, also called a supernumerary nipple. Often, the third nipple simply looks like a mole or freckle. The nipples usually are somewhere near the other two nipples, but they have been found on other areas of the body, including the feet.

More Triple Nipple Facts:

  • The gene that causes the third nipple, Scaramanga, may have ties to breast cancer.

  • More men than women have a third nipple.

  • The third nipple can be small, like a mole, or even develop into full third breast, Third nipples also can lactate, even in men.

  • People used to think that the third nipple identified the person as a witch.

  • Some famous people with third nipples include singer Carrie Underwood and actor Mark Wahlberg.
More Info: BBC News; Wikipedia; Times Online

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Thanks for such an important information. I have seen the third nipple physically today, and I was shocked. Therefore, I was forced to make a search. I will continue to do more research about the topic.

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