How can I Make my Own Candles? (with pictures)

Diana Bocco
Diana Bocco

Candles have become incredibly popular over the last few years. More and more people are now giving scented, designer candles as presents, despite their high price. But what if you could make your own candles for just a fraction of the price without sacrificing beauty and quality? The good news is that you can! In fact, you can make your own candles right in your kitchen, with just a few ingredients.

A candle.
A candle.

To get started, make sure to gather all materials. You will need some old clothes to protect yourself from splatters, some aluminum paper to cover your work area, and a double boiler in which to melt the wax. To make your own candles, you also need either beeswax or paraffin wax, wick, and a series of molds in different shapes and sizes. Wax can be obtained from craft shops, or you can use rests of half-melted candles you have lying around the house. Broken candles or cheap sets bought at discount stores also make for good start-up material.

To make your own candles, start by melting the wax until it becomes completely liquid. Take the container you plan to use and place a wick inside. The wick should stand straight and come out about an inch longer than the top of the container. You can tape the wick to the bottom of the container or make a small hole and pull it out from the base. Then, pour the melted wax into the container and let cool for several hours.

You can also make your own candles look any way you wish by adding coloring, fragrances, or small items such as dried flowers or twigs. When selecting coloring, choose products made especially for candle making, since other products tend to produce uneven results and can even prevent the candles from burning properly. To add these items, wait until you're ready to pour into the mold, mix the items, and then pour. You can also wait until the wax is hardening and press marbles, shells, or other small objects into the outer crust of the candle.

Finally, you can also add special touches after you make your own candles. Options include spray-painting the jars, adding raffia or ribbons, and using lids. Make your own candles in batches and keep them around for gift-giving and to decorate your own house.

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I want to design my own candle and then glaze it after so my design doesn't fall off. how do i do this? please help.


If you really want to know how to make candles the right way - you need to know your desired outcome (pretty, good smelling, good for the environment etc.) and plan accordingly. Planning is key! Beware! Candle making can be very relaxing and addictive!

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      A candle.