How can I get House Sitting Jobs?

Garry Crystal
Garry Crystal
Search for house sitting jobs online.
Search for house sitting jobs online.

Getting house sitting jobs seems to be an ideal employment plan for some. The prospect of living rent free in beautiful houses at various locations around the world seems like a dream job. Like any other job, however, building a reputation is important, and gaining regular work is not easy. You'll need to build up strong references and make a good first impression on any potential clients, but getting jobs may still largely be a matter of luck.

Advertise that you're available for house sitting.
Advertise that you're available for house sitting.

There are many Internet sites that advertise house sitting jobs, and many charge a fee for their services. Like many Internet services, some are reputable, and others are not. Before sending any money, check on a related discussion board to see whether the company you are considering is reputable. There is never a guarantee that a company won’t take your money and then forget all about you.

A luxurious home may need housesitting when the owners are away.
A luxurious home may need housesitting when the owners are away.

The Internet is one of the most useful tools for finding out information about jobs. Most towns have community web sites that advertise jobs, so by checking the website of the country or town you are considering, you may be able to find some house sitting opportunities. There may also be information on reputable agencies that can help you find jobs.

Some house-sitting jobs come with additional duties, such as pet care.
Some house-sitting jobs come with additional duties, such as pet care.

The next step is building a reference base for yourself. Written references regarding character are a good way of introducing yourself to any possible employers. It's also a good idea to show that you have passed a criminal check and have proof of no criminal record. This will often allay any fears that a possible employer has.

If you are considering house sitting in a different country, begin to advertise. You can easily find the website for the local newspaper of the town or city you wish to work in. Placing ads saying that you are available for jobs may help you find positions.

You should also state in your advertisement whether or not you charge any fees. If you are just beginning to house sit, you should consider taking jobs for free until you build up a few references. Many employers do not expect any additional fees to be charged, but there may be extra tasks involved, such as pet care or garden maintenance. In this case, the job can be seen as a service, and a small fee can be involved.

If you manage to receive an interview for a possible job, remember that this is a time where first impressions count. Try and present yourself conservatively and confidently. Answer any questions as honestly as you can. Do not be put off by strange questions; these people are putting their full trust in you with one of their most precious possessions.

The house sitting business involves a great deal of luck. You are competing against a wide variety of people for jobs, and retired people and travelers will be your biggest competition. When you meet people, make sure you tell them you are looking to house sit, since word of mouth is a big factor in finding jobs. People go on holiday all the time, and it is in these situations that a chance remark might bring work.

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I'm looking for a house sitting job in certain counties in Maryland. The counties I'm mostly interested in are Arundel and Howard counties or anything nearby.

My specialty is pet sitting but I've also done elder care although I could only act as a companion since I don't have any medical training. I just started doing cooking for one family near by at a very reasonable rate. I'm a pet nutritional consultant. I have excellent references and I'm also fully insured and bonded. I'm mature, dependable, honest, experienced and competent. I used to do shopping for seniors and I am interested in the errand business also.


My husband and I are house sitters, and we are going to Belize for a 10 month house sitting job soon.


My girlfriend and I are looking for a permanent farm sitting position. We have not done it before, but have stayed with family and friends and looked after their places while they worked. We are hardworking, honest, reliable, trustworthy, animal lovers and clean. We are staying with my sister now, but would like to go our own way. We are available asap. It can be anywhere in South Africa. God bless.


I'm french and I want to become a homesitter. For the moment I'm looking only in France, in Poitou Charentes near La Rochelle (about 50km around).



Looking for a babysitter if anybody interested so please let us know.

Thank you:p


I am looking for an occasional sitter for weekend nights and then to help with overnight.


I need a job as a housesitter, but I have no experience, and don't know where to start. I'm the mother of two boys, love animals and gardening. I have a bachelor's degree. I'm from Indonesia.


Home sitting is pretty cool, and ideal when you are looking for a place without the added expense of holiday accommodation. I've used Trusted House Sitters as they are extremely professional and thorough.


I am looking for a place to sit in the Pepper Pike area outside Cleveland OH. My wife and I are there for some medical testing and would like a quiet place that is comfortable for her, and in a safe neighborhood. We will be staying for only around a week. We are very conservative people, non drinking, and nonsmoking. We are looking at around the second week of May.


I am looking for a house site that may need some renovations or upgrades in a warm climate. My wife and I are both in good health. She's a retired nurse and I have lots of renovations under my belt. We are English speaking and are looking for a challenge.


I am from ethiopia and I was looking for a job in a nanny position. Would you please show me the way how to get the chances to serve a family as a nanny outside africa?


I'm moving from out of state to the Edison area because my son needs to get long-term, in-hospital medical treatment. I'm a very well educated person, but have extremely limited financial resources, and don't know how long it will take to find a position. I want to house-sit but need to know how to get started.


What are some sites that I don't have to pay to post on? I live in Alaska for the summer and would like to get out of here for the winter. Where do I need to start?


help. I'm looking to house sit in duncan, b.c.


I am almost done with my first house-sitting job --for five months-- in Potomac, MD (Greater D.C. area)- I love the area. How can I find another house-sitting job in this area?


I am also new at this online housesitting forum. Nevertheless, I am available to housesit any time, anywhere. I would also like to know where else I can find the opportunities. I am responsible and enjoy travel. I live in the Bahamas.


I have been looking for free listings of house-sitting positions. I like traveling, and have been house-sitting for years. I am 47 and single, and also a live in, and care for pets, etc.


I would like to house sit december - april. Fairfield county ct. Where do i look for these opportunities?


I want to learn more about housesitting. i really think this is the job for me.


I am a nurse reaching retirement age. Am interested in house sitting as a retirement job. I am single and female. Do you think this would deter potential opportunity?


We are a retired couple looking for a housesitting job that last more than a month to save on rent we are willing to pay rather than collect for our service. Can you give us some info how to get started in nc if we want to move to fla first of next year.


Anyone out there with a success story????


getting housesitting jobs should be considered a chance of luck. I now housesit for three families, one a multi-millionaire, others probably as well but the other two households work. I make good money at one place, getting $100 a day, but I clean a couple donkey stalls and take care of a dog. All the housesitting jobs I know have a pet involved. But i received these jobs as luck, I don't think you would be able to do this full time, but hey if you put your mind to it! You must know the people, every household I sit for I met through gardening and caretaking their property.


how does one get references if one has not done this before?


House sitting forum? I'm new at this, want to find house sitting opportunities.


You mention checking discussion boards/forums regarding house sitting sites

There is a dedicated House sitters community forum where you can see a body of knowledge built up by housesitter contributions

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    • Search for house sitting jobs online.
      By: WavebreakmediaMicro
      Search for house sitting jobs online.
    • Advertise that you're available for house sitting.
      By: Feng Yu
      Advertise that you're available for house sitting.
    • A luxurious home may need housesitting when the owners are away.
      By: chris32m
      A luxurious home may need housesitting when the owners are away.
    • Some house-sitting jobs come with additional duties, such as pet care.
      By: ArenaCreative
      Some house-sitting jobs come with additional duties, such as pet care.