How can I get a Summer Job at Disney?

Sheri Cyprus

The best way to get a summer job at Disney is to follow the directions on the website of the particular attraction location you're interested in. In order to be sure you're the perfect match with what the company seeks, you should check the website often. With no shortage of people applying to work at a Disney theme park or resort during the summer, it's important to keep updated by frequently reading the attraction's website. Some Walt Disney attraction locations include California and Florida in the United States, Chiba, Japan, and Paris, France.

When you submit your application at a "hiring event" in your area, you're agreeing to work any shift given to you.
When you submit your application at a "hiring event" in your area, you're agreeing to work any shift given to you.

It's important to completely understand not only the hiring expectations but also the company's philosophy if you hope to be chosen for a summer job at Disney. For example, the Walt Disney Company doesn't use the term "employees" for it's theme park and resort staff, but rather "cast members." Signs in Walt Disney attractions that say "Employees Only" are meant for visitors, which the company calls “guests,” who may not recognize the term "cast members." Cast members may represent the likeness of Disney characters or might wear a more traditional service uniform, yet both are officially referred to as "costumes."

A person cannot get a job at Disneyland if she has objectionable piercings.
A person cannot get a job at Disneyland if she has objectionable piercings.

Remember when applying to this business that the summer job at Disney — no matter what it is — is a "role" in company speak. When you submit your application, either online or in-person at a "hiring event" in your area, you're agreeing to work any shift given to you. For this reason, the Disney attractions generally expect applicants to have reliable transportation to and from work at all hours of the day and night. You also need to be of the age of consent, or legally considered an adult, for jobs. The Walt Disney Company's exact rules, plus advance notice of its local or regional hiring events, can usually be found on its websites.

It should be noted that the "Disney look" is a classic one, with no trendy hair styles/colors, piercings/tattoos as well as a limited amount of jewelry and makeup. Disney recommends that before applying, all applicants, whether seasonal, part-time or full-time, should read all of the listed "roles" before choosing three they feel are right for them. If you hope to get a summer job at Disney, you'll likely have to apply for three jobs in order of preference.

In general, many entry-level jobs may pay at least somewhat higher than minimum wage, but this depends greatly on the country and the exact "role" you play in the company. You'll most likely have to create an online account at an official Walt Disney Company website before completing and submitting your summer job application. Make sure your application for a summer job at Disney is typo-free and polite, yet also professional. You'll need to show interviewers truthfully and persuasively how your past work/educational background makes you the right fit for your three preferred “roles.”

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@umbra21 - I'm sure workers don't have to wear those costumes constantly. They probably get to switch roles and work at different jobs at different times of the day. The heavier costumes aren't going to be recognizable as particular people so it doesn't matter.

And there are jerks everywhere. I don't know if they would be particularly worse at Disneyland, but you'd probably get to see some amazing moments as well, which most part time summer jobs wouldn't be able to offer.


@Iluviaporos - I don't know how many people would choose to work at Disney for more than a couple of summers though. I know it might seem like it's flawless and magical from the outside, but I'm sure that's not how it feels to people who have to work there. Particularly during the heat of summer, when they still have to wear those costumes and walk around in the heat all day without breaking character.

Not to mention that Disneyland can bring out the worst in both adults and children. I've seen more than a few videos of workers being assaulted by idiots who want to rile them up.

I don't actually think summer jobs at Disneyland would be all that wonderful. Maybe I would do it once, but not multiple times.


Disney resorts do have a specific culture among their staff and expect people who work there to have a particular attitude. It can be one of the best summer jobs you can get if you are the right fit. But you really have to do some research beforehand to see whether you will do well there.

And don't be disappointed if you don't manage to get a job there. They receive so many applications each year, it can be difficult to break in, particularly when there are people who try to work there every year and know what to put on their application.

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