How can I Find Reasonably Priced Health Insurance?

Diana Bocco

At any giving time, over 40 million Americans are living without health insurance. A frightening thought, especially if you consider that unpaid medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy filing. If you belong in this group, do not despair. It is possible to find affordable health insurance if you take the time to weed through the many options available.

High deductibles often mean lower premiums on an insurance policy, which can make it more affordable.
High deductibles often mean lower premiums on an insurance policy, which can make it more affordable.

When it comes to health insurance, affordable does not mean cheap. A healthy person under 40 should expect to pay a minimum of $160 US Dollars (USD) a month; that number entails co-payments of $35 USD or more per visit and a yearly deductible of $1200 USD. A family health insurance plan starts around $400 USD per month. Giving access to your medical records is part of the process, and many health insurance plans do not cover preexisting conditions.

A health insurance claim form.
A health insurance claim form.

Start by finding out if you qualify for Medicaid. Many people who could receive Medicaid do not know that they qualify for it. Your next step is to explore organizations such as professional groups, alumni associations, and membership groups. Some groups offer members their own health insurance plans, so do not discount this possibility.

If that is out of the question, the Internet is the best place to hunt for your own health insurance, since most companies allow you to get an instant quote just by answering a couple of basic questions. If that is still out of your reach, consider alternatives. For example, basic health insurance will cover major costs such as hospitalization, but not routine doctor’s exams. Or you could get health insurance that will cover all your costs after reaching a minimum deductible, but keep in mind that the deductible can be as high as $5000 USD.

Another option is to get short-term health insurance. Companies such as Fortis Insurance provide affordable coverage that excludes major medical or preexisting conditions and for which you can choose a short contract. This is a good idea if you think you will have employment coverage in the near future or if you need some kind of health insurance right now but cannot afford to pay for full coverage.

A family health insurance plans can cost a minimum of $400 USD a month.
A family health insurance plans can cost a minimum of $400 USD a month.

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Shopping online for health insurance coverage can help many people save money on their policies. Online health insurance companies have a wide range of policy options available, and have interactive tools to help customers calculate premium payments and find the best coverage available to them.


Since the recent changes in health care laws, insurance companies can no longer deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. However, in some cases, this has also led to higher policy and premium costs, though some form of coverage is available for almost everyone.

With the new laws, there are many more options for health care coverage than there were in the past, so it is important to shop around if you are looking for affordable health insurance.

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