How can I Create a Feature Wall in my Home?

Sheri Cyprus

A feature wall can make a great statement in a room by giving the room interest. A feature wall can be any wall that attracts the eye and you can create one without painting a detailed mural or engaging in another such time-consuming and often highly artistic project. You can add simple horizontal stripes of paint or a grouping of mirrors, or you can cover the entire wall in faux brick or mirror tiles to create a feature wall you'll love.

Supplies for painting a feature wall.
Supplies for painting a feature wall.

Covering a large wall in mirror tiles can be expensive, but if your budget will handle it, it's worth considering for several reasons. Mirror tile is easy to put up yourself and quite easy to keep clean. Beveled mirror tile looks the best and is considerably more costly than flat-edged mirror tile. However, a feature wall of mirror tile can really open up your space if the part of the room reflected in it looks great to start with.

Faux brick can make a nice feature wall.
Faux brick can make a nice feature wall.

Faux brick can make a nice feature wall and it can look especially attractive in rooms with wood floors, a brick fireplace and a Persian-inspired area rug. Be sure to get good quality, realistic faux brick for your wall. If you choose faux brick that looks obviously fake, you'll probably give your room a cheap rather than chic look. If you want a white or pastel-colored brick look, you can do this really inexpensively by buying a cheap faux brick that still has a realistic texture and painting it yourself. However, it must be able to hold the paint, so you could try it somewhere such as a small wall in your laundry room first to see how it will look.

Mirror groups can create a feature wall in any room. For example, you can create a feature wall that is attractive and dramatic by placing full-length, rectangular mirrors with a black border together to form a headboard in a bedroom. An easy way to create a feature wall in the space above a staircase is to choose a trim color and then hang a collection of mirrors in different shapes and sizes that have that color of trim.

Horizontal stripes of paint look more modern than vertical stripes, but are done in much the same way. Careful measuring to keep the lines straight is the most important thing here, but you can make tiny chalk marks along the wall as you measure. Use painter's masking tape to lay the stripes. Wide stripes in varying widths painted in three or four shades of the same color can be a refreshing and striking way to create a feature wall in your home.

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@bbpuff - A lot of people are turning to focal points in less traditional ways like wood wall art or large wall art pieces. It's especially helpful to have a focal point that's eye catching because it is really more of a conversation starter than anything else. In design, the focal point should be visible from the doorway of the room you are entering or just outside of the room through the doorway. It should be able to make a statement without becoming too over powering or competing too heavily with the rest of the room


@wecallherana - I agree with you. We used vinyl decals as a means for our kid's wall art and they like to change up the location of it literally all the time. It's really great in a room where you know things can and will possibly change later on. It is also especially helpful in places where you can not or should not alter things too drastically like a residential lease or in apartment living. A lot of places have stipulations when renting that you can not change paint colors, make large holes, or knock down walls... things like that... when you are in a lease rather than owning your home. They are great for home owners as well, though, don't get me wrong. I love them.


@ellaesans - A lot of wall art is vinyl now which can give you that mobility and flexibility that you might be looking for when you're trying to decide where you want to arrange things. It can be very helpful when you're looking at the architecture of homes to base your decor off of since you can remove it without a lot of repercussions.


A lot of people go with something more based off the architecture in their home when trying to decide where to place their feature wall. Abstract wall art might seem like a good idea at first, but a lot of people and Interior Designs nowadays like to simplify things and go with looking at the structure of a home first rather than go purchasing expensive compliments to a home's natural decor.

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