Does Noise Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack?

Research suggests that individuals who live in areas that have noisy traffic are at a greater risk of suffering a heart attack, and that the risk increases as the noise level increases. The connection between noise levels and the risk of heart attack is unclear, but researchers have postulated that traffic noise is highest in busy cities, and living in such environments can contribute to stress, which is a contributor to heart problems. Other possibilities include greater exposure to air pollution in cities and around high traffic areas, as well as the possibility that the noise disrupts sleep, affecting heart health.

More about heart attacks and heart health:

  • Some of the most common risk factors for heart disease and heart attacks include smoking, obesity and uncontrolled high blood pressure.

  • Many people are aware that chest pain can be a warning sign of a heart attack, but other, less known symptoms include nausea, jaw pain and feeling lightheaded.

  • Learning to manage stress can be helpful in reducing the risk of heart attack. Some common ways to fight stress include exercise, meditation and psychotherapy.

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