Does Google Have a Sense of Humor?

Everyone can use a little laugh now and then, so when you finish reading this article, do a Google search for the word "askew." Sure, the page you land on will be filled with a bunch of dictionary sites offering their definitions, but it's not so much the content that matters; it's the creativity. Spoiler alert: The entire page will appear slanted towards the right. The goofy Google gag is just one of many so-called Easter eggs that the search engine offers. In fact, on that same "Askew" results page, you'll see a link labeled "Enjoy the Askew Google! - elgooG." Click on it and you will find yourself on a very slanted Google search page with a number of icons beneath the search bar, including one labeled "Gravity" and another labeled "Guitar." You'll have to see for yourself what clicking on the icons will reveal -- we've given away enough already. Suffice to say that the folks in Mountain View, California, who are always busy making improvements to the most popular web search engine in the world, like to toss some surprises into their work. It all probably ties into what Google co-founder Larry Page once said: "Always deliver more than expected."

Getting into Google:

  • Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin met when Brin was assigned to show Page around the Stanford University campus.
  • Page and Brin's first collaborative effort was dubbed "Backrub"; the web crawler, as it was called, existed on Stanford's servers for a little more than a year.
  • The iconic Google Doodle began in 1998 when Page and Brin used a stick figure on the home page to indicate they were attending the Burning Man festival.
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