What Is QR Code Marketing?

K. Reynolds
K. Reynolds
Apps are available to allow a smartphone user to read QR codes.
Apps are available to allow a smartphone user to read QR codes.

Quick response (QR) code marketing is the process of using QR codes to interact with potential customers. These codes resemble square barcodes can be scanned by smart phones to gain access to information that is useful to a company's target audience. This type of marketing allows companies to quickly interact with customers effectively in a low-cost manner that can help brand the company and boost revenue.

When a person scans a QR code with his or her smart phone, he or she is given immediate access to some form of information. This information could be a particular website, special promotion, discount coupon or a wide variety of things. QR code marketing can be implemented in just about any industry. Real estate professionals can use a QR code to give prospects immediate information pertaining to a particular property. Restaurants are another type of business that frequently uses QR code marketing techniques by giving their patrons access to recipes and nutritional information through these codes.

In certain metropolitan areas, QR code marketing strategies can be seen just about everywhere. Business owners who are considering implementing these strategies can do so at a minimal cost. There are several QR code creators on the Internet that are free; owners simply create the QR tag and distribute it to their target market and existing customers. Another great benefit of QR code marketing is that it is free for anybody to download a QR code reader application.

QR code marketing is no different from other marketing strategies in that campaigns must be implemented effectively to see results. Business owners who attempt to implement QR code marketing strategies must create codes that add value to the customer experience. Generally, the more value that is added through a QR code, the more customer engagement and interaction an owner can expect. Designer codes also can be used to gain the attention of potential customers because they are more aesthetically pleasing than the typical black-and-white codes.

Another benefit of marketing via QR codes is that business owners can collect valuable information about their target audience. QR code marketing systems can track when and where a code was accessed and can determine and quantify repeat visitors. This level of tracking makes it easier for business owners to determine their return on investment and whether their QR code marketing campaign is profitable.

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    • Apps are available to allow a smartphone user to read QR codes.
      By: N-Media-Images
      Apps are available to allow a smartphone user to read QR codes.