What Is Low-Fat Pizza?

Jennifer Leigh

The basics of low-fat pizza are simple; it has healthy ingredients substituted for unhealthy ones. Pizza does not have to be junk food if it is made using a nutritious crust, low-fat sauce, and healthy toppings. Cheese is often the biggest problem with pizza, so low-fat pizza is made using a healthier cheese and less of it. A tasty pizza can still be created that fits with many major diet plans, and can be homemade or found at the store and purchased.

Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil leaves.
Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil leaves.

Crust is the base for low-fat pizza, so it needs to be made using whole wheat instead of bleached white flour. Whole-wheat flour has the major parts of the wheat berry intact to provide most of the nutrition. People looking to enjoy low-fat pizza can either read ingredient labels and look for whole-wheat pizza crust or make it themselves using whole-wheat dough.

Onions are a low-fat pizza topping.
Onions are a low-fat pizza topping.

Sauce is the next element that can be made healthy for low-fat pizza. Instead of using creamy bases such as Alfredo sauce, individuals can stick to simple tomato sauces that do not have a lot of added sugar or sodium. Other sauces can be made from herbs, vegetables, avocados and nuts to provide a rich, nutritious base for a low-fat pizza.

Using healthy toppings such as vegetables and lean meats add a lot of flavor to pizza without making it high in fat. Basically, any vegetable that a person enjoys eating can be added to a pizza, so the options are virtually endless. Lean meats include chicken, turkey, and selections of red meat that do not contain a lot of fat within them. Pizza lovers can add as many of these healthy ingredients to top the pizza as they desire; in fact the more vegetables added, the healthier the pizza will be.

A pizza does not have to have a lot of cheese on it for it to be delicious and satisfying. A sprinkle of low-fat cheese, such as skim milk mozzarella or Parmesan, can do the trick without making the pizza high in fat. There are recipes available for cheese-less pizza that include enough satisfying toppings that cheese is no longer needed. When low-fat pizza is bought from the store, individuals need to look at the labels to determine the fat content. Pizza can be a regular meal for people even if they are dieting if it contains enough healthy ingredients.

Whole wheat flour may be used to make low-fat pizza.
Whole wheat flour may be used to make low-fat pizza.

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