What Is Crock-Pot® Applesauce?

Christina Edwards

Crock-Pot® applesauce is a type of applesauce that is made in a slow cooker, such as a Crock-pot®. Apples are cored and usually peeled before being put into a Crock-Pot® with a few other ingredients, such as cinnamon and water. This mixture is then cooked for several hours on low heat. When the apples have softened, they can be mashed and pureed. For applesauce with fewer lumps, the mixture can be strained as well.

Crock-Pot® applesauce.
Crock-Pot® applesauce.

A Crock-Pot® is one of the most popular brands of slow cookers, and it is often referred to as the original slow cooker. These appliances usually consist of a large glazed porcelain or ceramic crocks, which are heated by electric heating elements. Crock-Pot® dishes are typically cooked very slowly, and they often require little attention.

Granny Smith apples make a good applesauce.
Granny Smith apples make a good applesauce.

Nearly any type of apples can be used to make Crock-Pot® applesauce. Individuals who prefer very sweet apples can choose a sweeter variety of apples, such as honey crisps or gala apples; for a slightly tart apple, Granny Smith apples can be used. The apples that are used for Crock-Pot® applesauce should be ripe and firm, with no visible blemishes.

The apples used to make Crock-Pot® applesauce should be cored, and all of the seeds should be removed. Most people also prefer to peel the apples before they are used to make applesauce, but unpeeled apples can also be used to make delicious, yet more colorful, applesauce. The apples should be chopped into small chunks and tossed right into the Crock-Pot®.

Other ingredients are also usually used to make Crock-Pot® applesauce. Sugar is often added, for instance, along with spices. Cinnamon is usually the most popular applesauce spice, but ginger and nutmeg can also be used. A small amount of liquid, such as water, is also usually added as well. Instead of using water, however, some people may prefer to use juice, like apple juice or orange juice.

Once all of the ingredients to make Crock-Pot® applesauce have been put into the Crock-Pot®, the appliance should be turned on. To prevent the apples from cooking too long or burning, the heat setting on the Crock-Pot® should be set to low. The mixture can then be left alone and allowed to cook for several hours. These types of slow cooker dishes can be started just before a person goes to bed or work, and they will be ready either in the morning or when they get home from work.

After about six to eight hours, the apples in the Crock-Pot® applesauce will become very soft and mushy. At this point, they can be mashed with a fork or potato masher. For smoother applesauce, an electric mixer, a blender, or a food processor can be used as well. To strain out any large chunks or bits of peel, some people may also choose to strain the Crock-Pot® applesauce through a metal sieve.

Gala apples can be used to make a sweeter applesauce.
Gala apples can be used to make a sweeter applesauce.

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