What is Boa Yarn?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Fabrics made with boa yarn should be hand-washed.
Fabrics made with boa yarn should be hand-washed.

Boa yarn is a unique type of yarn that has a slight fringe on it. It also has a very soft texture and feels much like feathers. It is mostly manufactured from nylon or polyester, and sometimes also contains silk. The fringes of this yarn vary in length and are often referred to as eyelashes.

Knitters and crocheters often use this product for making scarves. The texture of this material can create a finished product that looks something like a boa. Other popular uses for this acrylic yarn include sweaters, hats, gloves, mittens, and socks. Nearly every item that can be produced with regular yarn can also be made using boa yarn.

Boa yarn can be used to make thick socks.
Boa yarn can be used to make thick socks.

Crafters may use any regular knitting or crochet pattern when creating items using this specialty yarn. They may want to consider using needles or hooks that are slightly larger than what is required in the pattern, as boa yarn has a much thicker texture than regular yarn. Rosewood crochet hooks and bamboo knitting needles work well, although many crafters prefer plastic instruments. Circular knitting needles made of a flexible plastic material are useful when knitting scarves or small afghan blocks, because turning the finished product is unnecessary.

Boa yarn can be found in many different colors. Most skeins of yarn will have product that has variegated color patterns. This is typical of this particular type of yarn and not a flaw. Most of the time a person does not need to worry about matching color or dye lots when working with this yarn. She should, however, check to make sure she is purchasing the same brand and shade for best results.

This novelty yarn does not usually have an itchy feel like wool yarn does. Boa yarn may shed a little bit from time to time, but this shedding is not normally excessive. Garments made with this type of yarn should be hand-washed in cool water, using a mild laundry detergent or a laundry soap designed for delicate clothing. The items can then be gently wrung out or hung up and allowed to drip dry. Ironing is usually not needed and, in fact, is not recommended.

Boa yarn can be a fun product to use to create a variety of items. Crafters do not need any special skill in order to use this yarn. People looking for fun and unique things to make, either as a gift or for their own personal use, might want to consider using this for their next project.

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It took me awhile to get used to working with boa yarn. I was used to working with chunky yarn, but boa yarn has such a different texture to it.

One of the things I like most about this yarn is how soft it is without being itchy. My daughter loves soft, fluffy things so I crocheted her a pillow made of boa yarn.

This matched the colors in her room and really turned out nice. The pillow is soft and inviting and was fast to put together.

Since that turned out so well, I think I am ready to tackle some other projects using boa yarn.

Besides scarves, what are some other neat items people have made with this yarn?


@SarahSon - I also love to work with boa yarn. It seems like scarves are a common use for this soft, versatile yarn.

For Christmas one year I made scarves with boa yarn. Then I knitted some gloves out of a thicker yarn that was color coordinated with the boa yarn.

I finished the gloves with boa yard around the edge. These ended up making great Christmas gifts for the females on my list. Everyone loved them and I really enjoyed making them.

Because it has a thick texture it doesn't take very long to make one scarf. I usually do better when I can get a project done in a short amount of time. I am much better at accomplishing something like a scarf than I am finishing an afghan.


I love to knit with boa yarn and I have made several scarves for my girls and their friends. Because you can find this in so many fun, bright colors, there is no end to the things you can make with it.

I happened to come across a great yarn sale that had their boa yarn on sale for 50% off. I stocked up on a lot of yarn for upcoming winter projects.

Because you don't have to be so concerned with the dye lot, I don't usually buy a lot of this at once. When you come across a great sale though, it is good to stock up because I know I will not let this yarn go to waste.


While I love working with boa yarn because it is so soft, I would not recommend using this yarn if you are just beginning to knit or crochet.

Because it is a bulky yarn, it can be hard to work with if you are not familiar with what you are doing.

I have crocheted for many years, and sometimes I get frustrated when working with this yarn. I have found there is a difference in brands.

If I buy a cheaper brand of boa yarn, they will shed a lot more than some of the brands that cost a little bit more. I have certainly found when it comes to boa yarn that you get what you pay for.

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    • Fabrics made with boa yarn should be hand-washed.
      Fabrics made with boa yarn should be hand-washed.
    • Boa yarn can be used to make thick socks.
      Boa yarn can be used to make thick socks.