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What Is Almond Milk Ice Cream?

C.B. Fox
C.B. Fox

Almond milk ice cream is a type of non-dairy dessert made to mimic the flavor and texture of ice cream made from cow's milk. The main ingredient in almond milk ice cream is almond milk, which is made by pressing the liquid out of almonds. Sugar and other flavorings, such as chocolate, fruit, and vanilla are also mixed into this type of ice cream. Almond milk is frozen in the same type of machine that is used to make dairy ice cream.

People who choose not to eat dairy products, whether for personal or dietary reasons, can enjoy almond milk ice cream instead of ice cream made from real milk. Though ice cream made from almonds is not as rich as milk-based ice cream, it is lower in calories and fat and contains no cholesterol, making it a healthy alternative to regular ice cream. Almond milk ice cream comes in a variety of different flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry as well as less common ice cream flavors. Many large grocery stores carry almond-based ice creams, though they can be easily made at home in a standard ice cream maker.


In order to make almond milk ice cream, liquid first needs to be pressed out of almonds. The process of making almond milk involves soaking almonds in water, grinding them into a paste, and then pressing the fluid out of them. Almond milk, sugar, or another sweetener such as agave syrup, and flavorings are then mixed together. In some cases, a binder, such as agar powder or guar gum, may also be added to help improve the texture of the ice cream.

Almond milk ice cream.
Almond milk ice cream.

Once the ingredients are mixed together, they need to be cooled until they freeze. Simply placing the almond milk in the freezer will create a dessert that is too firm to be considered an ice cream, so the same process used to freeze milk-based ice cream is used to make almond milk ice cream. The almond milk is stirred continuously as it cools and air is allowed to become trapped inside. This creates a frozen product that is lighter and fluffier than ice cream, though capable of holding its shape when scooped into an ice cream cone or a bowl. Like any type of ice cream, this dessert must be eaten as soon as it is brought out of the freezer so that it doesn't melt.

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I never thought of using almond milk for ice cream. This is interesting! Makes it nice for people who don't use cow's milk products. We drink almond milk at my house, but I never thought of using it for ice cream.

This also solves a sugar problem. If someone on a low-carb diet wants ice cream, it can be made without sugar, but milk is still a little carby. Almond milk, however, is much lower in carbs. This makes it a good substitute, I would think. Also, cream is not as high in carbs as milk, so adding a little cream to the almond milk (if the person uses cows' milk) would make the ice cream creamier without adding a lot of carbs in the process.

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    • Almonds.
      By: Dmitry Rukhlenko
    • Almond milk ice cream.
      By: dim@dim
      Almond milk ice cream.
    • Almond milk.
      By: Marius Graf
      Almond milk.
    • Almond milk ice cream may be made at home in an ice cream maker.
      By: ptnphotof
      Almond milk ice cream may be made at home in an ice cream maker.