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What Is Protein Ice Cream?

Dan Harkins
Dan Harkins

Fitness conscious people have been known to overload their muscles with protein supplements to maximize the results of workouts and speed recovery times. Using tubs of protein powder, these exercisers whip up a range of milkshakes and smoothies to consume these supplements. Some have even gone so far as to create different types of protein ice cream when the blender routine starts to feel and taste mundane. Though ingredients vary widely, some staples of this kind of dessert are ice, milk, granulated protein, some type of natural or artificial sweetener, and the flavoring specific to the type of treat being made.

For those trying to build muscle who are not too concerned about adding pounds, sugar, chocolate and other less-healthy elements, sweeteners can be utilized for protein ice cream. Diets consisting of high protein, low carbohydrates and low fat are typically recommended for those wanting a leaner, fuller look. Many of the recipes found online for protein ice cream follow this latter, calorie-conscious mentality.

Protein ice cream.
Protein ice cream.

The chief ingredient in protein ice cream is the powder, containing a concentrated punch of granulated protein derived from any number of natural ingredients — from grain and vegetables to eggs or milk. Few, if any, of these supplements could be considered culinary delights, though some protein powders taste better than others. For this dessert to taste the best, cooks should try to use a powder with the mildest smell and taste.

Protein ice cream can be prepared with protein powder.
Protein ice cream can be prepared with protein powder.

The average recipe for protein ice cream appears to most often utilize non-dairy formulations. Coconut, soy or other types of vegetarian milks can add natural sweetness and more protein without the cumbersome fat. Artificial sweeteners also are common in the place of simple sugars. Another addition that is common to these recipes is the combination of guar and xanthan gums — the former gum to make the texture creamy and the latter to thicken it up.

One recipe of note, at the Heather Eats Almond Butter Web site, uses milk, a scoop of protein, cocoa powder, gums, salt, vanilla and one pack of artificial sweetener. Ice is slowly added to this blend to bring it up to desired thickness and smoothness. This is just one example; for as many types of ice cream there can be a protein ice cream. Another recipe, at The Healthy Foodie Web site, utilizes cottage cheese in the mix as well as other ingredients to make raspberry almond chocolate protein ice cream.

This is just one type of dessert that can be infused with muscle-building material. A type of meringue whips the powder into egg whites that are also infused with other ingredients like nutmet, cinnamon and honey. A range of desserts and snacks can have protein powder disguised within, such as the peanut butter balls or protein Jell-O® recipes featured at the Lift for Life Web site.

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    • Protein ice cream.
      By: m.u.ozmen
      Protein ice cream.
    • Protein ice cream can be prepared with protein powder.
      By: lculig
      Protein ice cream can be prepared with protein powder.