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What is a Round Pedestal Table?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

A round pedestal table is a circular furniture piece that varies in size depending on whether it's used beside or in front of a sofa or for dining. A single column, or post, supports the center of pedestal tables, rather that the four legs of other table styles. In Mission-style round pedestal tables, stretcher bars may be added to the center base. The center post of many of these types of tables includes pedestals, or feet, at the base. The pedestal table is thought to date to the late 1700s and the elegant look in the furniture of those times.

Round pedestal tables range in style from the exquisitely carved and detailed Victorian types to the cleaner lined Mission pieces. A Colonial round pedestal table has a wood-turned center post, while a Mission piece may have a straighter or squared middle column with stretcher pieces as support. Most other kinds of round pedestal table don't have these rectangular stretchers or brace supports or an open rather than closed center post as Mission designs often do. Antique Victorian round pedestal furniture may be as small as candle stands and as large as dining tables.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Some pedestal-style round dining tables have a storage area in the center post or column. This may be open or closed in design. Some people like to place a basket of items such as napkins or napkin holders in the storage space. Another feature a round pedestal table may have is a drop leaf. A drop leaf that is lowered in a round table creates a semi-circular effect and allows the furniture piece to be placed against a wall to save space.

For the decor style known as shabby chic, old round pedestal tables are often painted white. Glossy black lacquered round pedestal tabletops are made by layering coats of finish. The shiny, dramatic look of this type of round pedestal table makes it an ideal choice for many modern interior decors. Woods commonly used for round pedestal side, coffee and dining tables include oak, walnut, mahogany and cherry; some furniture stores also sell this type of table unfinished so that buyers may finish these themselves. Glass tops are a popular way to protect the beauty of the wood from stains, dents and scratches.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing