What is a Porch Flag?

Tara Barnett

A porch flag is a decorative item used to adorn a porch on a home, usually in front of the house. While many flags are intended to hang at an angle from a pole extending from the house, others are designed to hang vertically. A porch flag can come in any size, although usually porch flags are not as large as the flags used on flag poles. Many people display multiple porch flags and may possess large collections of flags, changing them often. Porch flags usually have some significance for the residents of the home, whether it is used as a demonstration of patriotism, interests, or even just the season.

A porch flag may be used as a demonstration of patriotism.
A porch flag may be used as a demonstration of patriotism.

It is relatively common to see seasonal porch flags displayed on front porches. These flags can be purchased in stores or catalogs. They are often sold in the same section of a store as windsocks and banners, and may be combined with these items to achieve the desired effect. Porch flags are convenient because they are inexpensive and easy to change when needed. Various holiday flags are very popular and may be changed frequently to reflect upcoming events.

Porch flags that identify allegiance to a particular sports team or other group are also popular designs. Sports fans may switch out these flags to support different teams during different sports seasons as well. School flags representing colleges, high schools, or other levels of education may also reflect the alma maters of people living in the home.

Many people elect to display a porch flag representing the country they live in as well. Others opt to hang porch flags that represent the opinion or political stance of the home's inhabitants. People often use flags to make a statement, displaying their sense of pride or allegiance.

Almost every interest in the world can be represented with a flag. For instance, nearly every breed of dog can be found represented on a porch flag, although it may be more difficult to find rare breeds. If a suitable design of flag cannot be found, it is even possible to print custom porch flags. As a design consideration, one should keep in mind that complex and detailed designs, such as photographs, often display better hanging vertically, while iconic designs, such as national flags or symbols, can usually still be recognized when the flag is waving in the wind.

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@Markerrag -- Things have gotten strange that way, haven't they? I started thinking along those lines a few years ago when some punk down the street kept stealing my political yard signs. I am sure they would have swiped any political flags I put up if they didn't agree with them, either.

Now, the guy who keeps this neighborhood riled up is the one who flies a football porch flag from his alma mater (and a team people tend to hate in this state) every football season. He has had a couple of those stolen. Keeps ordering more, though.


I don't know about waving those political flags proudly. The way things are going these days, that could be dangerous because people take politics way too seriously.

I know people who won't be friends with certain folks strictly based on political party affiliation. That is unfortunate, but it is a sign of the times.


I have seen quite a few porch flags featuring pineapples around here as of late. I had no idea what that meant, so I asked around and found out that a flag with a pineapple on it is a sign of hospitality. I honestly had no idea that's what the pineapple meant, but what a nice message to send, huh?

There are times when the meaning of a flag is not immediately apparent, but rest assured that all flags flown by people mean something significant to them.

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