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What is a Mink Coat?

Nychole Price
Nychole Price

A mink coat is a fur jacket made from the hide of an animal called a mink. Though many people are opposed to the wearing of animal skins, others prize the coat for its warm, luxurious feel and, in many societies, wearing a mink stole represents wealth. Not all fur coats are created equal, however, and there are many things to look for when buying a mink fur coat.

When buying a mink, many experts recommend that shoppers purchase one from a furrier who is a member of the Fur Council of Canada. Furriers are more knowledgeable than a regular department store when it comes to the fur coat making process. The coats are also higher quality, as Canadian minks have denser pelts due to the colder climate.

A mink.
A mink.

Consumers should also avoid purchasing a mink coat that has been dyed. Dyed animal furs oxidize, causing them to change color over time, and often, the color is much less attractive than the original. In order to improve the appearance of furs from warmer climates, some fur coat makers will bleach the furs, which weakens the animal skin, causing the coats to tear easily and the fur to turn red.

Mink fur.
Mink fur.

During the spring, fur coats should be stored with a professional furrier. They must be kept at temperatures of 50°F (10°C) with a humidity level of 50% to prevent the skin from drying out and becoming brittle. During the spring and summer months, home closets tend to become much warmer and drier. Fur owners should have the furrier clean, condition, and glaze the coat while it is stored.

Mink coats are considered fashionable pieces of women's apparel.
Mink coats are considered fashionable pieces of women's apparel.

When storing the coat at home, owners should give it plenty of space when hanging it in the closet. Mink coats should not be stored in a plastic bag, as they need fresh air. When traveling, a coat can be kept in a cloth bag, but it should be removed immediately when the destination has been reached.

It's best that people who wear a fur coat not sit for long periods of time, as the fur may become crushed. Women should carry a handbag instead of a purse with shoulder straps to prevent the straps from wearing out the fur on the shoulders. They also should not wear a fur when it is raining, as it may require professional treatment from a fur specialist.

Wearing a mink stole represents wealth in many societies.
Wearing a mink stole represents wealth in many societies.

When wearing a mink coat, individuals should expect that it will not be appreciated by everyone. Furriers kill 60 female minks, or 35 male minks, to make one coat, so people who want to wear one should take other people's feelings into consideration and not flaunt it.

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Discussion Comments


One of the most horrible kinds of death a Human can think of is to be skinned alive. And I don't know if these animals are from farms or not. But for the most part, furs come from fur farms, where the animal is literally skinned alive and thrown aside to die a tortured death. I am sickened by anyone who wears fur just for the look. I will tell you so if I see you on the street to. I can only hope your fate is the same as the animal which gave you that skin.


When I see someone wearing mink, I am very offended and it's all I can do to hold back and keep my mouth shut. The person who said, "I often wondered how I could have something that felt like my cat," well yes, minks are related to cats. (They're even more closely related to otters.) So if you're thinking about buying a fur coat, you should do some research By the way, I won't be going out and having a steak dinner - I'm vegetarian.


This is revolting practice.There are thousands of gorgeous minks who are bred and tortured in tiny cages just to be skinned alive just for your bloody coat. How would you feel if you were trapped in a tiny cage and your skin was torn off just for someone else's outfit? Really think about that. Doesn't feel quite as 'comforting' anymore does it?


Minks look gorgeous on people and killing minks for it doesn't bother me. It's normal; animals have been serving to humans for food and clothing all the time. An animal had to die for my today's dinner or for my leather bag, too.

Yes, minks are killed just for fur, not for meat. But skinned minks can be used as a bait for crabbing - thus we don't eat them directly, but they help us to gain another meat.

Minks aren't endangered. They are specially bred and then killed humanely (not skinned alive!). Free-living minks are overpopulated, and they are nasty pests.

People in cold climates need to use fur for its natural warmth, and why shouldn't other people wear it just for its softness, look and comfort? The number of 30-60 animals for one fur coat seems maybe quite high, but every human will eat hundreds of chickens and other animals during his life. Since we are meat consumers, it is hypocritical to shy away from wearing furs. I like animals, they shouldn't be killed without any reason, but a beautiful fur from a mink is worth it.


If one's goal is to keep warm in a cold climate, what is wrong with fur? People cause the deaths of many animals in the name of food, yet furs and leather last for decades.


I love mine too, as well as my other furs. There just aren't enough cold days in the year for me!

I love animals -- own various kinds of pets, support rescue and wildlife protection organizations, and still wear fur. I research and shop responsibly, buying only from reputable furriers who purchase only from government veterinary association approved ranches.

It's my choice and I am really disgusted with "anti-fur" or worse so called "animal-rights" groups that are more interested in promoting their political agenda than truly caring for animals.


There is nothing impolite in wearing a mink coat! It's impolite to get offended if someone is wearing a mink coat, because it's none of his/her business!


I love wearing my mink coat. I've always loved snuggling with my cat and often wondered how I could have something that felt like my cat. Once I purchased a mink coat, I was happy knowing that I was carrying around the next closest thing, a dead animal. Forget PETA, obtain comfort.


i also love mink fur. i love everything in it: the look, feel, warmth - it just feels so nice to wear a mink coat.


I love wearing mink. Also some countries need, no must, use furs - especially when its minus 30! People like the person above will usually kill everything that is ugly though and chow down on some chicken or steak!


I think this is an utterly disgusting practice and any one wearing Mink or having any connection with the slaughter of these beautiful animals should be shot!

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    • A mink.
      By: Eric Isselée
      A mink.
    • Mink fur.
      By: Poles
      Mink fur.
    • Mink coats are considered fashionable pieces of women's apparel.
      By: smirno
      Mink coats are considered fashionable pieces of women's apparel.
    • Wearing a mink stole represents wealth in many societies.
      By: Geo Martinez
      Wearing a mink stole represents wealth in many societies.