What is a Home Care Bed?

Patti Kate

A home care bed, sometimes referred to as a hospital bed, is often necessary for patients who are being cared for at home. Sometimes patients require a home care bed that is adjustable. Most home care beds are operated electronically, and some feature remote controls. A home care bed may also include a special pressure-relieving mattress, or offer the capacity to support up to 450 pounds (205 kilograms).

A basic hospital bed will cost considerably less than an electric hospital bed.
A basic hospital bed will cost considerably less than an electric hospital bed.

For patients with wounds or those recovering from surgery, there are home care beds that utilize air fluidized therapy. This type of bed is useful for relieving pressure and promote healing. Typically, this model of home care bed will adjust to various angles.

A home care system will almost always include an adjustable bed with various features. Many of the home care beds feature bed rails and fall protectors. These are generally recommended for children and the elderly. Head and foot adjustments are another common feature in a home care bed. These typically operate independently for patients requiring elevation of the feet or of the head.

There are different grades of home care beds suitable for different needs. A home care bed may be designed for a patient who is completely immobile. Other home care beds are suitable for obese patients because they are built to support extra weight. Other beds offer protection against bed sores for patients who will be bed ridden for an extended period of time.

Hospital grade beds for in-home use include motorized lifts. A lift will enable the patient to get out of bed with little assistance. These will generally require an electronic device to function. A home care bed without a lift may be controlled manually.

Medical beds may feature various height adjustments as well. Lowering or raising the height of the bed is typically done by remote control or by the use of an electronic switch on the bed. Some models also offer a fixed height option. In addition to height variations, construction of the bed may vary with different models as well. Chrome and steel are generally used for the frame of the bed.

Home care beds may be fully electric or semi electric. The semi-electric models may employ the use of manual controls to operate some features. Some of the fully electric models feature programmable memory. In many models of home care beds, caster wheels may be used. Most of the caster wheels are the locking variety for added security.

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