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What Is a Custom Ottoman?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A custom ottoman is a piece of furniture made to specifications for a particular buyer; the ottoman is used as a footstool or place for sitting with no arms or back. It is usually padded and upholstered for comfort, and some versions of custom ottoman models are even used as coffee tables. A person can get an ottoman custom made from a furniture maker who will design the piece to fit the needs of the buyer. This means the size, shape, and additional features can be custom built to accommodate the buyer's needs and desires.

Often an ottoman is sold as part of a set with a chair. Some buyers, however, want an ottoman to match a chair that did not include an ottoman at the time of purchase. A furniture maker can design a custom ottoman to match the design of the existing chair, and he or she can design the ottoman for the optimal height for added comfort and function. In many cases, the upholstery can be matched. Other custom ottoman models may be designed and built in such a way that it will match different styles of furniture, meaning it can be used regardless of the design or color of the existing furniture in a room.

A custom ottoman is made specifically for a particular buyer.
A custom ottoman is made specifically for a particular buyer.

A furniture maker can also design the custom ottoman to include additional features such as storage space within the unit, fold-out drawers or slide-out tables, cabinets, shelves, and so on. These custom features can be built to accommodate the buyer's specific desires. The upholstery can be chosen by the buyer as well. Leather is a common choice of material for an ottoman, since leather tends to be naturally attractive and durable. If the ottoman is to be used as a coffee table, however, the furniture maker may choose to design the custom ottoman with hard surfaces the top of the unit. This will allow drinks to be placed on the ottoman without tipping over.

Ottomans can be designed for specific types of furniture as well. Gliding rocking chairs, for example, slide forward and backward on a specially designed base called a glider, and a custom ottoman can be built in a similar fashion to be used in conjunction with the chair. A person sitting in the chair can put up his or her feet on the ottoman and rock back and forth in unison with both pieces.

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    • A custom ottoman is made specifically for a particular buyer.
      By: bagarol
      A custom ottoman is made specifically for a particular buyer.