What is a Cement Fence?

Dan Cavallari

A cement fence is a barricade or decorative perimeter made from precast concrete. The cement fence can be made to mimic the look of other materials, such as brick or stone, or it can be a utilitarian fence with little aesthetic value. The advantages of a cement fence include durability, inexpensive construction cost, and versatility, while some of the disadvantages may include difficulty of installation and poor aesthetics. Concrete fences make great sound barriers and security fencing, and they can often be used as retaining walls when installed properly by a professional and with the correct concrete panels.

Dry cement powder.
Dry cement powder.

Many modern home designs take advantage of cement fence panels because they can be easily cast to mimic the shape of other materials such as brick or stone. A brick wall can be difficult to construct and quite expensive, often requiring the builder to hire an experienced mason. A cement fence can be made from panels cast to look like brick, right down to the brick color, without having to incur the extra expenses of hiring a mason to lay the brick. This makes the process of fence installation much quicker and easier, and the aesthetic value does not suffer. Other designs include mimicking the look of wood, right down to the color and feel of real wood. Such fences are often used as perimeter fences around yards or building units.

Cement powder is commonly made of limestone.
Cement powder is commonly made of limestone.

Installing cement fence panels can be difficult, however, because the panels will be very heavy. Precast panels are often purchased ahead of time and then delivered to the site by a professional delivery company prepared to move the panels into place. This can add to the installation costs, as well as the difficulty of the installation process, but once the panels are in place and set correctly, very little maintenance will be necessary. The walls will be strong and durable, and they will last several years or even decades without needing any moderate or major maintenance.

Some cement fence panels can be quite drab, and they are best used for purposes in which aesthetics is not important. Such fences are often used as sound barriers or security fencing rather than for decorative purposes, and they are strong, durable, and low-maintenance just like other precast concrete panels. Such panels tend to be fairly inexpensive, since the concrete does not need to be cast or tinted for aesthetic value. Such utilitarian fence panels are great for industrial purposes.

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